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  1. For the past 8 hours I have been traveling from Fort-Royal to Little River in America. While the sailing is realistic and takes such a long, long, long, LONG time, it's not realistic in its own right. I have a ship full of trade goods which I'm going to sell, and have spent 19 days on the sea, with my crew being a group of gods. I was thinking that without fish or other kinds of rations, they should start dropping like flies. This would make kind of a give and take with the bigger ships. Larger ships means a bigger crew which also means more dedicated space for food and fresh water, giving another layer of realism into the game that I think could fit in quite well, and make fishing more useful than just selling off next to useless goods.
  2. I sold roughly 1.2 million gold worth of Versailles Terricotta from Jacmel to Willemstad and the game didn't update my gold. I restarted the game but I still got nothing. Is there a way I could get my 852,362 gold back?
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