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  1. all are curious what the compensation was ? a valuble one XD
  2. SUN

    Port Battle bug?

    YES! the dutch do not show up and the russian NN win the pb of SAN TIMOTEO, no pb mail, and no report in conquest information
  3. thks! all work fine now and the prices now are shown correctly in the trader tool
  4. Can you please announce in this topic when fixed !
  5. after deleting files in: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Game-Labs\Naval Action and AppData\LocalLow\Game-Labs\Naval Action The game stuck in loading 10min or more even after multiple restarting and multiple rebouting computer and cheking for game file integrity
  6. SUN

    [PvP] France-Spain / Declaration

    LOOOOL Reading this make me imagine an angry German back voice of a fellow with an old fashioned haircut and Toothbrush mustache Yes in real life the purpose of all War is Peace ... however ... HEY WAKE UP !!! THIS IS NAVAL ACTION and the purpose of all war is war again and again till your video card burn out PS. I see malice only on your words, cheap one ... Very Very cheap one
  7. SUN

    WAR of the LOVERS! Spain VS France

    who are you ? joined 29.03.18 no clan , I never see you in ts, pvps or RVRs ! YOU ARE AN ALT to whom you told ? nobody heard you , and if any one do, he would tell you return boy when you got some pubic hairs We have no problem with any of our national clans however we got HUGE problems with the Alts sabotaging everything
  8. SUN

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    Good to see you RVR will be much interesting now, hope you will stream the PBs Is NorthViking, Graf Bernadotte, ... back too ?
  9. SUN

    WAR of the LOVERS! Spain VS France

    stop flaming! It won't work! ... We are not Spanish
  10. SUN

    [PvP] Spanish clan political situation

    no more comment it's useless to argue with pples that do not even take time to verify fact or even read a sentence till the end
  11. SUN

    [PvP] Spanish clan political situation

    in Spain do you have some communication and in formations exchange in side the nation ? that port was agreed with the 7up to give it back, before this mess Glad to help.
  12. SUN

    [PvP] Spanish clan political situation

    You can divide! The night team have completely different interest of the day team but we manage to have all time one consolidated diplomatic line but I know in Spain even if one "stupid" clan have some "little" own interest he do what he want and do not respect the others clans that do so so much for the nation that's why the Vltra quit Spain in a time no ?
  13. SUN

    [PvP] Spanish clan political situation

    Hi old friend !!! France have a strategic advantage of having a big night "task force" we are not "Spanish" ... we do not throw away our strategic advantage and alliance idiotically
  14. SUN

    [PvP] Spanish clan political situation

    All true Spanish know who I'm and my obvious position about this situation. Lets talk now about FACTS, rationality and stupidity Spain: now look at the map than read this: beeing Allie with France give Spain a HUGE strategic advantage for the both side for obvious reasons + HUGE of times we had proven our loyalty to each other an alliance with the american give a miserable strategic advantage to Spain + their loyalty is poorly proven to Spain an alliance with the Russian give almost Zero strategic advantage to Spain + their loyalty not proven at all over time to Spain BUT Spain chose to have an alliance with USA and Russ ENEMY of France = strategic stupidity France: all days clans manage to convince and retain A POWERFUL night clans from attacking Spain for months!!! and all France have to live with our allies Spain choices, respected it, and deal with it spain: one month a go or little more join Spain VERY WEEK clans and the other clans do not manage to convince them from transforming the alliance in "friendly" members of this clans attack us 24/7 at our capital and NO single actions PVP or RVR was from our side FOR WEEKS !!! CONCLUSION: Spain do not chose and protect an strategic alliance of huge interest this a is facts! and this is sadly stupid the rest of the story is bla bla bla NOW! days clans will decide about this war soon in a meeting but let me tell you some other facts: 1) we are beholden to the night team that respected the day team and retain their own interest from attacking Spain for months and obviously we will support them !!!! 2) any attack by ANY Spain clan to ANY french port will lead to a total war with ALL France!
  15. SUN

    Seconde missive du Roy

    +++ excellente proposition (*la meilleur depuis des MOIS ) j'espère que les "snob du country club" ne te mettons pas les batons ds les roues de tt facon la grande majorite du "peuples" vous supporterons ura