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  1. Mrgoldstein

    ship tow

    Go fight france..you dont have to sail that far then, picking on easy nations far away i can see you need more tows..
  2. Mrgoldstein

    Labour Hours Shortage

    Yeah buy or craft labour hour contracts..
  3. Mrgoldstein

    Regulation of Middelburg of 1760 A.D.

    Am i the only one? This makes zero sense to me? Please explain..
  4. Mrgoldstein

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    So you fight spain with your pirate main? And gb with your spanish alt? (Christendomtoo)
  5. What this game need is this: Larger safezones. Where people can run missions and make some profit in safety only basic upgrades will drop here. More Incentive to get people out of the safe zones, the good upgrades will only drop outside the green zones, here the real profit can be made, shipyards and crafting should give way better chances at rare ships outside the greenzones. More pve content, more stuff do t, like trade missions for a huge profit, epic events for 1 player,treasure fleets sailing around with ai protection etc.. Improved rules for pvp areas so its not a gank all the time. Also rare loot should be obtained from this. After battle loot screen: so the annoyong race to get your loot in time( waste of game time) is gone,also when playing with strangers the race to the sinking ship is gone. Rvr needs more reason to capture ports, most towns are useless and arent worth the trouble, maybe some special trims for craftable ships can be crafted in certain towns (nassau refit when crafted in nassau for example) Economy fix, stupid contracts with people outbidding each other with 1 gold doesnt make sense. More balanced ships, we are at the speed bellona, and le requin meta atm. ah just my 2 cents here.. @admin
  6. Time to get my fir/fir very fast requin ready.. Headless parrot Nice job once more o7
  7. Mrgoldstein

    Caribbean Invasion News

    yeah its getting pretty sad, spain taking ports in belize (to coward to fight the french) the us cannot fight anyone so they ally with spain and start nightflipping ports at belize too, the we got the french ganking kpr from la navasse and the danes up NE ..everyone vs GB...while GB atm only has newb players, wich are leaving the game atm because of all the ganking.you wanna keep the game alive? Then after a while go attack another nation instead of picking on the weak with yall
  8. Mrgoldstein

    Yearly/six month map wipe

    Im fine with a map wipe,wich will eventually be needed anyway, since some nations are gonnan be one ported.. But im not fine with a full wipe, grinding gold and all that stuff every time over and over again..no way..
  9. Mrgoldstein

    Stop using mm/dd/yyyy

    Then its french for sure..
  10. Mrgoldstein

    Shop, Contracts

    @admin yeah this is a problem players are outbidding each other with 1 gold all the time..and now we got only 500players..how do you see this with lets say 2000? It will be impossible to fill any contract..
  11. Mrgoldstein

    Le requin exploit.

    Also you cannot tp around with ships in fleet so its either doing this, and nothing else.
  12. Mrgoldstein

    Suggestion Summary mid '18

    You sir get it, al your latest suggestions are spot on..
  13. Mrgoldstein

    Player Generated Treasure Fleets

    Yeah they never said that you would have to transport your gold everywbere.. That would be the greatest mistake ever, and kill trade completely..you wanna buy an upgrade in tumbado? Imma have to sail there with 5mil in cargo? Nah way to much time sink..then imma play other games instead.. Imagine someone gets sunk with all jis gold aboard..ragequitttt and bad reviews all over.. All people would do is sit safely around their capitals and trade there..
  14. yeah they @admin said if it didnt make it in patch 25, it would be depolyed in a hotfix 1 week after.....we are over 1 week already...this is getting tiring dont make promises if you cant keep them....
  15. Mrgoldstein

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Ah ye, well probs for doing it, it looked great, you should do it during europe prime time, youll have an epic battle.. In gb it was 8am on a friday(workday) morning..so not many around sadly.. Would have been great fun otherwise