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  1. Increase OS speed. Keep normal speed inside battles. You are hurting your game and it's population. Wake up! This issue is real guys, take a look. http://steamcommunity.com/app/311310/discussions/1/1471967615848958503/ Let people with limited time enjoy this game. They supported you.
  2. 14 or even 7 day trial will not cause alt problem. I can see you grinding for 48 hours non stop just to get into frig and then you have only 5 days left to play. This will actually force some to buy more copies. Always good.
  3. 14 day trial sounds more reasonable and Naval Action will need content that will make sure players stay after it expires. Also, there will need to be Invite a friend (get free item) promo as well as Emails sent to all current customers with free ship offer and nice list of new content that will make them return. Strong marketing and lots of good content is the only change Developers got.
  4. Moving to Unity 5 or adding Ui won't make much of a difference here. Naval Action does not have a solid progress foundation and it is not new player friendly. Time sink here is too big with no tools to help players enjoy this big world. Learn from Albion Online, rocking with 300 000+ active players and growing rapidly. Simple yet ingenious system that was suggested here many times and was ignored. In the end, you are admitting you could not create the product you wished for and already predicting short life span right after game release. Once again all this was predicted 1.5 years ago ,
  5. Could you also add them to OS sailing (B --> 50% speed) key. Very useful.
  6. You just confirmed that there is a huge amount of new players who don't care about RvR, and yet you work on completely new RvR mechanics (war companies). Instead you could add content to keep them playing, help them learn and reward them. How can this strategy promote population or health of your product?
  7. Question is how are you going to make them move from temps to Full timers? 11 000 of players still hoping you will create what they want before they leave for good. So, they log in to see if there is any changes and log out providing 0 benefits to the rest of Full time players. I call them Ghosts.
  8. It would be great, but many things remain unchanged. We have so many better titles releasing soon and they will take most if not all content interested player base. 300 Spartan PvPers will remain and keep the server alive. Unless, Devs preparing a surprise mega patch with all the goodies for pvp and pve crowds, then there is still hope. Personally I am hoping to see that mysterious final Patch before release.
  9. I agree, since this game won't be able to overpopulate it's servers any time soon, merging servers will do only good for those who still play. P.S. final server merge could mean only one thing - last final attempt before game is dead.
  10. Once again, 300 pvpers including you won't be able to save this game. You are talking from a different perspective where you only pvp, but not everyone is the same. Developers must focus on casual and pve players else we are in trouble. Eventually even you won't be able to find any fights. I hope they stop ignoring these problems and fix them once and for all. The best way to deal with the "grind"? Don't grind. - Worst suggestion ever as you can't exist without grind in this game as new player. Imho, Vets should stay away from this topic as they don't help with anything new, this topic
  11. Personally what stops me from playing or coming back is time required to do things in this game. No matter if it's a mission grind or cargo haul or pvp attempt, all these tasks take too much time. If there was a spawn point that I could sail to and jump to another side of the map and go pvp it would keep me in game. Until you guys repair this issue, I won't be playing much. I don't have 5 hours per day. Also, many recent reviews point to the same issue. People want quick action, but get boring empty ocean sailing and quit. I am surprised Developer did not realized this after so many years, thi
  12. No, all they need to do is finish the product and have everything people liked about it. Then send Emails with gifts to all people who purchased the game and get them back in the game. We don't need anymore testers, game has suffered way too much damage at this point.
  13. I agree, time it takes to travel will not benefit this new addition. Devs need to speed up OS travel or add tools to quickly move between world.
  14. What do you think about: 1. Seasonal pass to Chartered War tools for your Clan. Clan leader will be able to purchase seasonal pass for his clan and participate in war and help other Chartered Clans without disbanding. 2. Permanent Chartered War Company. Build from the ground up only for war purposes.
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