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  1. So if your timetable of release is correct, we can expect full wipe in a few days? (When u stated release in end of November / beginning of December)
  2. We can talk about it. Give me 24hrs plz.
  3. I will, thank you for bringing that to my attention. There was no authorized representatives sent to your ts to ask for aid. In future situations such as that, I would recommend verifying such overtures on us teamspeak as the proper people have the designated tags there that you can talk to.
  4. There is no such position in the US nation
  5. Bossa is still in US, just moved an account to Swede to craft
  6. There is no roleplaying; just organizational structuring
  7. Have already spoken to North Viking, they want that relationship; no RvR and we will work together on a case-by-case basis As far as GB is concerned it is Limited RvR due to conflict in Belize area only, USA not attacking other GB ports
  8. No, check embassy channels on teamspeak; there are minor variations with the neutrals depending on faction.
  9. US National Clans ASP, TURN, WIE, VICI, FrCxn, NWTC, CBR, NPG, DDTC, CSA, MAGA, NSN, RMN, USNA Current political positioning of our nation: Spain ==> Military Alliance Great Britain ==> Hostile (Open PvP / Limited RvR) Sweden ==> Neutral with all clans Dutch ==> Neutral with all clans Denmark ==> Neutral with all clans Poland ==> Neutral with all clans Prussia ==> War Russia ==> Friendly (Open PvP / No RvR) France ==> War Pirates ==> Neutral with all clans PLEASE FEEL FREE TO INFORM OR CORRECT THIS TOPIC TO BE UPDATED. US Teamspeak: ts3.na-usa.eu Primary Diplomats: @Lord_Drax, @BossaNova, @Richbeard
  10. USA did not help Sweden. Bunch of bored guys went to PvP near a pb. Which happens from other nations at many of our pbs. We are also not a Spanish protectorate. Its is an alliance that has exisited for a long time. #NoMoreFakeNews
  11. Completely agree with this as far as us player base is concerned. But I would even take it a step further. If hostility raising is interrupted by server instability that window should be extended as well to give both the attackers and defenders a chance. The previous situation with Little River where the French would start hostility, sink a few ships, server crash, players would get kicked out and thus raise hostility on port, rinse and repeat 5 times isnt fair to defenders. Any and all hostility should be paused and window extended as long as server instability is present.
  12. So, you are claiming that the rules for alts don't apply to you because other players are either breaking the rules worse or more often? Somehow I don't think that will give u a blank check to do whatever u want.
  13. It is Harthuzad (now Lord Hartz) from France @Ink please combine this thread with -These are the same issue just apparently more evidence of alt account violations
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