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  1. Almost like they don't care...
  2. @Chijohnaok My clan and I made SURE we all did this to make sure no one lost their exp points. we ended up doing it together
  3. Is there anyone that can reach out to a dev or something to ratify this issue??? its kinda a downer..
  4. @Chijohnaok yes I did
  5. @Aventador didn't transfer to the global server
  6. So, the new patch is live! I did all the prerequistes prior to the wipe. Just to find out my exp didn't transfer. Its still there in the EU server, but didn't transfer to the Global server like promised. Any Devs able to help me out on this issue??? I have 850+ hours logged on the game...would hate to start over, and I probably wont sadly...love this game and I have talked several friends into playing as well... just want my exp back...
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