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  1. I bought the Painter DLC and I was hoping to get the Sicily paint job for the USS Constitution, but only the USS United States. This confused me because I saw online (not in the DLC description, i`m not saying I didn't get what I paid for, I absolutely love the DLC and the idea behind it), Since they are basically the same ship can they not be applied to each other? Also slightly related question, what happened to the constitution? I hardly see it anymore, and apparently they're really hard to get Also also, a small suggestion for painter DLC or maybe even without it, I think itd be cool if you could paint your ship in your nations colors, it looks kinda weird using a black connie in the British Navy.
  2. The Red Squadron The Red Squadron is being reactived and is recruiting captains for service in the Carribean Requirements- -Active -A Discord (No Mic is Required) Discord: https://discord.gg/cHCQ3 Perks- -Discord -Member Of a multiple-game community Hop on the discord or talk to Jack Darby in game to see about joining! Fair Winds and a Following Sea
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