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  1. Jean de la Rochelle

    Ship Model View

  2. Jean de la Rochelle

    Deliveries between your own outposts.

    That would be fun. Well, why not give players (and alts) the possibility to open up trading clans (companies) for those who are not interested in combat in any way? With options for specialization only members of a trading company can get.
  3. Jean de la Rochelle

    Random wind change in OW

    Interesting proposition. But what if you ever want to bring anything to the Antilles? All currents go towards the US coast.
  4. Jean de la Rochelle

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    Lol, funny choice of music and great insights too, thanks!
  5. Jean de la Rochelle

    Mission changes

    You guys rock!! ☠️😎
  6. Jean de la Rochelle

    La Requin - how to fix a broken ship

    Hush, you're unsettling the clique in the corner. 😉
  7. Jean de la Rochelle

    Gallant Points

    I don't like the way this forum resorts to irony, sarcasm and cynicism because of those DLC ships. I didn't whine or quit when I was ganked and seal-clubbed as a new player by all you 4000+ hour players. And my Bellona still costs me a lot of resources and labor hours.
  8. Jean de la Rochelle

    Gallant Points

    How about to re-introduce trading missions and/or reward actions in trading with trading marks as we already find a place for them in the Captain's Chest? Those can be traded for extra LH or other rewards. No grinding AI for those who want to focus on crafting and trading.
  9. Jean de la Rochelle

    Little things you'd like to see

    Hethwill just posted a link to Diderot & d'Alembert's encyclopedia and I found this nice little image of a Dutch fishing boat called 'Caque' (in French): I would love to have something like this included in NA, it would have no cannons and be very slow but raises the possibility for fishing drops (including of course Sealed Bottle) by 30% or so.
  10. Jean de la Rochelle

    PvP marks and the seals

    +1 I think the game is in a much better state than it was a year ago when everybody was calling out to punish new players into PVP by all means. Now that we have returned to a game that gives out more rewards and allows and accommodates a greater variety of play-styles there's a lot more interesting things happening.
  11. Jean de la Rochelle

    Rare books DLC

    Which is a pity, I really liked NAL for being able to train PVP skills. It would be great if it could be integrated into NA somehow (never give up). It was the best for beginners like me to really get a lot of good, cheap, easy, fun PVP experience.
  12. Jean de la Rochelle

    Enable Full Pay to Win

    What do you mean? Did the DLCs ruin the game for you for good?
  13. Jean de la Rochelle

    How to stern rake consistently?

    So you want to put your aim at the front of the ship rather than at the stern to make the grape pass through the entire ship. In your 200crew rake the aim is at locked and in the 400 crew it is at unlocked. What's the difference between locked and unlocked?
  14. Jean de la Rochelle

    Enable Full Pay to Win

    Oh ok, didn't notice, not buying any new games since playing NA ... 🙄😉
  15. Jean de la Rochelle

    Enable Full Pay to Win

    I don't quite agree. Why does it have to be such a radical proposition when a good mixture can be beneficial to a broader range of players? Since the release of the DLCs player numbers have finally been going up again. Not an enormous leap, admittedly, but the average number of people online on a Saturday night climbed from 400 - 500 to 500 - 600 again: https://steamcharts.com/app/311310 I can only surmise that a certain number of people welcome these DLCs. Before the DLCs the shallow water patrol zone around Shroud Cay was dominated mostly by clans in their Rattlesnake Heavy. For the average casual player this was a ship that was unpractical to muster because you need to craft it and have a port to stock it to replace losses, etc. Shop ships were not an option anymore because some clever businessmen made sure they went at unreasonable prices. If you were a casual you were left with nothing. Call it an intrusion of RVR into PVP patrol because if you are in a clan that does RVR you have the advantage of resources over a single player. The DLCs balanced that and pose a nice option for non-RVR players to participate in the PVP patrol. I can get my 10 PVP marks by using my two Hercules even if you just sail them into the zone to sink them, allowing me to buy larger ships if I wish so. I can sink those larger ships bought with my PVP marks in a non-shallow patrol zone, get more marks, etc. all without having to craft or amass resources. That makes more people participate in these events and therefore creates more PVP and pushes back the dominance of RVR clans in patrol zones. So far these DLCs have only created greater inclusion. That sounds like you just want to smash the entire game instead of working on how to balance it out.