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  1. I think Donald Trump has found his wall maker Back on topic, Kanay knows how I feel with this game, we speak a lot about how the game has changed since the early days. I feel he has worded it perfectly and due to discussions I can relate to how he came to his conclusions. I personally do not like the direction this game is going towards, I gave it the benefit of the doubt after the "Great Wipe" but this new patch is turning this once enjoyable game into a FiFa ranking system.... The in game mechanics that one "Nation" **lol** can exploit to there cause... is the last straw for
  2. It was successful in its job, demasting the SoLs. it played the role of a screening ship in this game. He asked for proof, I gave him proof.. you can try twisting the facts any direction you want... but the brig took on and was successful in disrupting an enemy fleet.
  3. Pursued by the Turkish Fleet (6 ships of the line, 2 frigates, 2 corvettes), Russian brig Mercury engaged in unequal battle with line ships Selimiye (110 guns) and Real-bei (74 guns) near the Strait of Bosphorus. After damaging the ships one by one, the brig escaped pursuit So.... yes
  4. And spend 1 hour chasing a fleet that has already been sailing in one direction when you join already away from the "Combat" It is exploiting a game mechanic to assist the Pirate nation in there port battles.
  5. speak with your pirate escorts as due to by difference the tag came from your end.
  6. You would have the same troubles then, players would just wait by the free port. I cannot see how a balance can be brought up with this with exploits for traders in Pirate or alts. People wanted a hardcore PVP game, now they have it they don't want to be ganked themselves. Just cannot see what the devs can do to make it fair for everyone. Maybe have the game how it was this time last year.
  7. Please quote me saying I have a problem being attacked... I enjoy PVPing and I have not had an issue with it like others are mentioning in this conversation. I have sunk player ships and captured traders. I cannot find where your argument is as I have not experienced the same problems you and a few others are experiencing. I have yet to lose a ship to PVP or PB *Touch Wood* (Famous last words) but if I'm not having issues then why should I go play on the PVE server? surely if PVPing is such a problem for you then you should go there.
  8. I like the suggestion and also what you have included to the gameplay with the idea from POTBS but with this current meta of pvp marks, the chances of allowing the ship to go is a no no.
  9. Well a simple solution would be when a ship surrenders or is sunk/captured the captain of said ship is removed from battle so cannot relay when you leave the battle. This way you are given a private window of the 15 minutes to leave when you require so they would not know when you leave or how far with the invisibility.
  10. Do you have screenshots in the battle where players joined? was it just 1 clan though or ships that sailed close? I tagged a guy that was sailing past New Edinburgh towards Cartagena, he called for help... but even ships hunting and about to do missions tried to join but by the time they sailed to the area the Battle was closed.. They could not join.
  11. As I have stated in red to reply, hope that answers your question, from my clan personally and others we work closely with we always escort Traders as a clan, we never sail them alone. I find it hard to believe that it is a clan waiting for you after you ganking there ship as I rarely see it unless there clan is sailing close by.
  12. Not at all, but small clans need the resources so you cannot blame them for being p***** about you taking there ship and cargo. Personally from our clan, if you lose your ship your a muppet as were off doing other things, you sail alone and loose your cargo.... that is your fault.
  13. Trolling for having an opinion that is not the same as yours.... *Slow Clap* well done.... what a muppet you are if you think everyone who disagrees with you is a troll! With your name of @TommyShelby does that mean your a big time gangster.... a class A badass on the forums??? Give over... I chose Rick Astley because I wanted to....
  14. Thanks for a sensible response I shall return the favor o7 Q - "you do understand this is only being discussed because of the fact we've got two dimensions, battle and OW instance, and therefore anyone can use the hyper speed of OW as an advantage to camp on an exact battle position" A - Well yes, but you also traveled at the same speed to reach your pray so if it's good enough for you why not for other players? Q - would have taken ages getting there, if we didnt have the luxury of ow speed boost and A - Yes but as I have advised, you and other people complaining h
  15. You also have the benefit of sailing at 75 times normal speed to gank your pray..... expect the x75 times speed to be returned to you. Basically after reading your suggestions all I seem to make out of it is this " @admin I want to be able to attack defenseless traders alone steal there cargo and sink his ship for PVP marks as I so good of a captain I want to be able to get my pray and then get away without any repercussion, I want to be able to sail at 75 times normal time in Open world to catch my pray.... but I don;t want the other side to be able to do it. I want t
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