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  1. I think Donald Trump has found his wall maker Back on topic, Kanay knows how I feel with this game, we speak a lot about how the game has changed since the early days. I feel he has worded it perfectly and due to discussions I can relate to how he came to his conclusions. I personally do not like the direction this game is going towards, I gave it the benefit of the doubt after the "Great Wipe" but this new patch is turning this once enjoyable game into a FiFa ranking system.... The in game mechanics that one "Nation" **lol** can exploit to there cause... is the last straw for me.... Outlaw Battles are abused and well you cannot blame the Pirates for using them since the Devs thought it was an "epic" idea to give them a mechanic they can exploit that other nations cannot. The Futuristic stealth technology after OW PvP and the Caterpillar diesel engines that they allow the Players to have to escape any direction is a joke. This game in my eyes had great potential and I was starting to enjoy coming back... not anymore... A simple message for the Devs and the "LMAO" tester.... you guys have gone and "FCUKED IT UP"... I have not made steam reviews for this game yet.... but I sense if this game is not renamed Gank Action... or Exploit Action then I will happily leave this game and write an honest review... Why join any other Nation when you can have the same plus and added perk which no one else gets.....? ALTS in other nations spying and ruining any Surprise you plan... **I weeded one out of AUSEZ last night** I see this ship is sinking *Gank/Exploit/Pirate Action* (oops "Naval" Action) and well only the captain **The Devs and Testers* should go down with his ship.... I'm out... Enjoy your game guys..... those who stay and brave it out... you have my full respect... but I cannot sit back supporting a game that I personally do not enjoy playing at the moment and it seems I'm forced to play. I don;t want to wake up at 5 AM to do PB's therefore I cannot be a burden on my Clan. It was perfect having a global server due to having an angry wife and 2 young kids... I could log on and find action that the EU server could not offer..... but the last PB's have been US prime Time.... not good for a Russkie.... No hate towards anyone who plays this game daily, Yes I upset a few in Global chat but hey if you don;t have banter inter Nation..... You might as well play the Sims Anyway... cheerio guys o7 I might see you in the future... only the Devs can decide that fate... enjoy your ships o7 but not even Rick Astley can keep his promise in this situation. One for the road.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
  2. It was successful in its job, demasting the SoLs. it played the role of a screening ship in this game. He asked for proof, I gave him proof.. you can try twisting the facts any direction you want... but the brig took on and was successful in disrupting an enemy fleet.
  3. Pursued by the Turkish Fleet (6 ships of the line, 2 frigates, 2 corvettes), Russian brig Mercury engaged in unequal battle with line ships Selimiye (110 guns) and Real-bei (74 guns) near the Strait of Bosphorus. After damaging the ships one by one, the brig escaped pursuit So.... yes
  4. And spend 1 hour chasing a fleet that has already been sailing in one direction when you join already away from the "Combat" It is exploiting a game mechanic to assist the Pirate nation in there port battles.
  5. speak with your pirate escorts as due to by difference the tag came from your end.
  6. Buying your conquest marks from players doing the rvr or in the gulf empty ports.. does not make you a god. The devs had it correct by having PVP marks to get frigate BP and wish they would bring that back. The conquest marks are fine, I feel happy getting the conquest marks daily because of the afternoons/ Nights and morning I spent helping the hostility!! You complain about empty port battles but I bet you have outposts and collect resources from said ports we have taken!
  7. I agree, hence I have permanently closed nation chat down now. The reason this and the other loud mouthed Care Bears want conquest marks removed is because they are not helping to create hostilities to participate in port battles so they are not getting marks. I hope the devs keep the conquest marks in the game force the nation chat cry babies to actually work with the nation not these friends were at war with.
  8. 6 hours is still a problem for us Aussie guys... what nation is going to allow us to compete in port battles..... answer 0! Such restrictions should remain on the EU server (PVE). Global should allow players from all over the world to enjoy every aspect of the game.
  9. Some aspects was well thought out and I like the blockade idea. But allowing the defender to chose the PB time would kill the aspect of global we enjoy. We don't want restrictions on planning a port battle as EU server already has restrictions in place.
  10. You would have the same troubles then, players would just wait by the free port. I cannot see how a balance can be brought up with this with exploits for traders in Pirate or alts. People wanted a hardcore PVP game, now they have it they don't want to be ganked themselves. Just cannot see what the devs can do to make it fair for everyone. Maybe have the game how it was this time last year.
  11. Please quote me saying I have a problem being attacked... I enjoy PVPing and I have not had an issue with it like others are mentioning in this conversation. I have sunk player ships and captured traders. I cannot find where your argument is as I have not experienced the same problems you and a few others are experiencing. I have yet to lose a ship to PVP or PB *Touch Wood* (Famous last words) but if I'm not having issues then why should I go play on the PVE server? surely if PVPing is such a problem for you then you should go there.
  12. I like the suggestion and also what you have included to the gameplay with the idea from POTBS but with this current meta of pvp marks, the chances of allowing the ship to go is a no no.
  13. Well a simple solution would be when a ship surrenders or is sunk/captured the captain of said ship is removed from battle so cannot relay when you leave the battle. This way you are given a private window of the 15 minutes to leave when you require so they would not know when you leave or how far with the invisibility.
  14. Do you have screenshots in the battle where players joined? was it just 1 clan though or ships that sailed close? I tagged a guy that was sailing past New Edinburgh towards Cartagena, he called for help... but even ships hunting and about to do missions tried to join but by the time they sailed to the area the Battle was closed.. They could not join.
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