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  1. I proposed some time ago ( i think this was early beta with open world) that we need somekind of system of sink letters. We can called " Report to Admirality". This letter would be generated automaticaliy after battle to winner in pvp battle only. In this letter would be short message (mail) information about engagement, loses done , place where battle was (no exactly - some approximation) and winner side. This might be important information about strategy on long terms on whole map. This idea is some kind of eve online killmail variation. It can have many interesting uses in game.
  2. Small things.I would to have some damage numbers shows on log or even as UI element when i hit enemy. I know this is avaiable in "k" log but i dont know this would be inmplement to realase stage or is only alpha feature.
  3. Beautiful ship and project, I will go there and see it
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