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  1. > Points out that he wants more hardcore elements. > Tells the Global server that it doesn't matter. Makes sense, if you don't think about it.
  2. I just thought that if all ports consumed items, and the interaction with a starvation/blockaid action it would push for PvP and the protecting supply cargos would offer enough targets of opportunity for a clan.
  3. So I should start by stating that I haven't gone as in depth as some other more veteran players here, I'm sure you can tell by my amount of posts. My play time isn't that absurdly high either, but I have listened to as many players as I could and though I don't know a tremendous amount about the game, I thought of some things that hopefully veteran gamers could either expand on, run with, or completely shut down. Either way, it's a learning experience for me. I've noticed that this game is focused on OW PvP and Port battles (I think that awesome and it drew me to this game on the first place), but what I'm also noticing is a lot of grind. Now I've grounded a lot, I don't mind grinding for a good cause, as long as I can see a reward in the not so distant future. The major problem I'm seeing is that grinding is on EVERY front in this game. Gold, Character XP, Ship XP, Crafting XP, PvE Marks, PvP Marks, Conquest Marks, I mean even mission runs, delivery missions, and Trading runs! This whole thing seems very disconnected with each other. PvP seems to be completely counter to Trading. Why can't we come up with a different solution? Bear with me as I break with down as best as I can, and my suggestions that I think could help the game, traders, PvPers, Roleplayers, and RvR. First and foremost: Trading Trading should be the lifeblood of any major empire, it dictates the market for its Captains and its military might! Why not have all ports consume goods? Use this to push traders to transport more goods of a particular type towards specific places. This already occurs to some ports in the game, but what happens if you make it all ports? What happens if the price of the goods reflect this. What would happen if after a while, those ports weren't getting their shipments of goods? Maybe a small bonus to grinding out hostility in that area(small bump)? Maybe less powerful AI fleets would appear. As time goes on, the less and less shipments that get through, the more damage it does to the port (accumulating negatives). Either way, it's a benefit to those who would possibly want to nab that port. What happens if that port is well supplied however? The traders are doing their jobs? Maybe a small negative (just hamper) to would be hostility hits. More powerful AI fleets? Maybe a cheaper crew cost, since they're in a wealthy area and there's a surplus of sailors or scallywags? Why not have all ports producing goods? I mean every hour on the hour, more resources or goods show up. Have them be on sale for more than what a player can make, as to preserve the need for buildings, but when an AI trader comes into port, have them at least have a higher chance to carry that ports produced items out. Both of these could work into a wicked PvP mechanic. Port Raids Blockading a port should hamper it, Raiding a port should strip it of most stockpiled resources that the port was using to survive. While I think, having players items be stolen could be realistic, I would think having the trading goods, food, and port products from its own production be a much easier hit on the economy. PvP Bounty missions/Letters of Marque I detest these marks, absolutely hate them as they only benefit those that are already playing in PvP, so they can obtain better ships. (It's like how WoW was with Grand Marshal gear way back when. It's pretty easy to pummel down a guy with green or blue gear when you have epic gear.) I actually liked it how it was before the patch in that aspect. Wars should be decided by two things; Battles of men and the battles of Wealth. With Dura being 1, I fail to see the need for this as another grindfest. But if the game has determined to keep them, maybe using a bounty system on specific Nationalities might better help the choking bottleneck of these items. You could even add letters of Marque by clans to hire other nationalities to attack specific ports or nations. Having PvPers earn more than what they earn now. Crafting Let players cap unranked ships. This will not only help them get out of the monotonous grind for gold when they start, but get them into a ship they can PvP with. Likewise, they can deconstruct them and use that to help them push their Crafting XP. They become more useful in PvP AND they start having a goal to become investors in crafting, pushing the economy more! I know I'm not a veteran, nor do I post much, but I do want to make this game better, and I want to bring in more people. But I can see why some are getting slightly aggravated with everything right now and why some are reluctant to join. Thanks for your time.
  4. Letting people (or pirates) cap unranked ships would not only help out the starting player from moving up past a basic cutter, but also help out newbie crafters. Cutters, pickles, privateers and lynxs could provide an alternative way to get new players into PvP without risking too much (provide PvP marks for whoever wins), allows new players to learn how to handle a small fleet without doing a lot of damage, and gives the ability to rip those vessels they take apart could help significantly with a starting in crafting for lower leveled players. With trading being the only real way (besides piracy) of making any solid amount of money, why not help people actively hunting those small AI fleets or those lone combat missions that doesn't give much out to begin with anyway?
  5. Let me start by saying that I've played numerous MMOs, EVE being my personal favorite among them until I saw this game. I bought this game as soon as early access came out, and I loved it. There's so much promise and potential expanding that could happen. Now, I have dozens of friends that love naval games (space or otherwise), and a hardcore group of gamers that I used to play pirates of the burning sea with that are actively seeking new games to play. There are two things keeping my friends from playing this game: 1) After a lot previously purchased failed early access games, most people I know value reviews on steam more than anything. When a lot steam reviewers say "This game has potential, but the Devs are nicheing the niche game to XYZ" or "secs don't listen" that hurts me trying to sell this game to people I know that would absolutely love it. Now this by no means is me saying that you are, but the pure negative reviews shows me and others that there is something wrong here. 2) As active and usually competitive players, we want there to be a player base that provides action on a moments notice! Even on the basic cutters, if we're fooling around, we would love to smash ships and lose pixelated sailors to the glorious naval combat! But having three different servers seems to counter act that idea, upon further review of the game (Me broadcasting to all of my interested friends) they said "If we came in we would have to go PvPEU" simply because of the population difference. They literally know nothing of the game, they don't even own it, they just a not-empty-game. From my perspective, players that want PvP want the most amount of players. Diverting players to seperate servers hinders that experience by dividing the player base. If the problem is controlling areas, then wouldn't the answer be to change the way people attack and defend their property, not further divide an already small player base? From reading numerous posts on these forums, I keep getting this feeling of pure anger, blame and aggressiveness from both sides of the pond, and this uneasy feeling of nonchalance from Dev responses. This only pushes a greater divide, and scares more customers away. I like this game, I want it to succeed and I want to play with friends but I can't justify to them why they should buy this game besides saying "It's a cool atmosphere" or "We can "Yarr!" a lot!" Just a newbies perspective.
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