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  1. It was really hot there when I was there last summer. We went in the morning.
  2. The original sources are always great to read! The Pawn...I mean History Channel had a short video on the origin of Memorial Day and said in the video that 600,000 died in action during the Civil War but explained the origin in some detail. Got to love it! Anyway...my wife and I went to her relatives grave who was in the Civil War (1st Minn Vol. Regiment) and put some flowers on the grave...even though he died in 1904 (so technically the day isn't for him) it was probably the first time he's had anything on his grave for a while.
  3. Looks like they invited latest round of testers on May 7th
  4. At least one of the Hawks is modding Scourge of War Gettysburg. He has a great multiplayer mod for the game. SoW is the best battlefield command game out there now in my opinion. Nothing beats playing command (headquarters) in the saddle with couriers. http://www.sowmp.com/gcm
  5. Anyone here have the entire collection of The War of the Rebellion? There is a great scanned version on Amazon of the entire set (All four series, all volumes, all scans of the actual books and searchable) Published by THA New Media LLC. Thousands of pages to look at if you are interested in primary sources about the war.
  6. Just saw the 22 minute video of gameplay and its looking awesome! My question is how does the game decide when units fire? Do individual sprites calculate load time and fire when they are ready? It seems like there are a lot of pauses in firing during the battle. It could just be the speed of the game or the size of the units represented but it would be cool to have less volleys and more of a constant fire with separate sprites shooting at different times (maybe a way to adjust hit % or something to make battles last longer also). Again...I only saw 20 min. of the game so maybe I didn't see en
  7. I don't think that different unit looks are that important for the strategy element but it would add to the immersion a bit more. Maybe higher res. sprites/larger amounts of sprites or more effects on screen at the same time would be nice for the PC version to allow us to use the power of our PCs a bit more (if we have a powerful PC. ) This is not a game breaker for me though since the strategy aspect is the most important part to develop well.
  8. I also agree that capture points do limit strategy since the main goal is to drive the enemy from the field/destroy the enemies army.
  9. I think the game looks good so far from what I've seen but it seems like its heading more toward a tablet game that you can play on the computer. I was wondering if the PC version will have a bit more options to tweak than a tablet version.
  10. Cavalry was used differently during the American Civil War compared to European style Napoleonic warfare. During the Civil War cavalry was used to gather recon on enemy positions and prevent enemy cavalry from doing the same. They also would perform raids behind enemy lines against supply lines. They could also attack routing enemy but I can't think of any major battle where cavalry charged a line of infantry. There were a few large cavalry battles such as Brandy Station which was the largest cavalry battle in North America but that was mostly cavalry against cavalry. Also at the Battle of Get
  11. I'm wondering about resolution and graphics. Will there be higher res./graphical settings for the computer compared to the tablets version?
  12. http://www.civilwar.org/maps/ The Civil War Trust has some good videos on a few Civil War battles with their newest animated maps too.
  13. http://youtu.be/Q5Nbm8RNd9c Got another Antietam one. I sent an email to the company that was producing the miniseries and the director or producer or someone involved said he still wants to complete the miniseries but he is working on an Antietam book right now. It looks promising.
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