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  1. yeah i've been told it's a common issue specially at KPR and that sometimes it's being exploited
  2. Hi guys So he's the story .. 3 of us were in salamanca chasing a bunch of pirates 2 shallow ships and a pirate frig .. we had a rattle endy and rat frig .. the rattle was just ahead of us in visual range chasing the 3 pirate ships .. we started from the port and they went towards the shallow channel to congrios .. the pirate frigate took a right-hand turn behind the island in the very narro passage south so we followed .. as the rattlesnake got close it got tagged which we were ok with coz we were right behind to provite backup so we told him to go in coz it would take us 15 seconds to j
  3. i lost a live oak / white oak agamemnon also with full long cannons .. they still didn't reply in fact haven't mentioned anything about the lost ships (as far as i can see ) don't know if they read our posts . i would have unlocked 2 slots by now doing missions to devs : we just asking for one post from you .. atleast to know that you read our posts and care and not ignore us .. something like "we are sorry for the lost ships we will work on the problem and try to compensate you within x days" then we can stop worrying
  4. we understand that you are clarifying the reasons but could you please tell us if you will give us back our ships that we lost due to whatever reason the server was down? and an proximate time (few days ? a week? 2 weeks? a month?) would be nice too
  5. Hi i was doing missions last night with a few friends in my live oak/white oak agamemnon i was still in battle when the first server crash happened .. we were all worried about the fate of our ships but when the game came back on we saw that we were safely in open world without any damage taken .. we thought that's the end of the troubles and went ahead to take another mission .. few minutes later the second server crash happened while we were few minutes into the battle in the thick of the enemy ships (4v8) this time we weren't worried coz we assumed that the same will happen just like t
  6. aaaand the server is down once more.. just 14 seconds before i could leave battle
  7. WTF i was in mission with my agamemnon and i return to see that it was still in battle with 10 guns left on one side 10% armor and 300 crew.. thank you very much.. and all my repairs are missing.....
  8. what happens to our ships if we were still in battle? (mission)
  9. Edit: What you have written has been removed, please check the following rule on what procedure to take if you have suspicion that someone is cheating or exploiting if you don't have proof. - Moderator Team
  10. i'm sorry but i have to call you out on your bullshhh** (for lack of a better word) 1. unless you are children you have to take responsibility for your actions the "heat of the momment" excuse is not valid .. if you challenge someone you have to be prepared to face the consequences .. 2. ohhh but you DID try to capture our port (omoa) even tho you had a fleet of 15-20 L'oceans and you knew we had nothing .. maybe 3 agas at the momment .. so pls don't pretend to be inocent 3. you clearely stated that you want to leave britain with only 1 port (and you would love to take that to
  11. actually cartaghena was flipped at 0:51 server time (only 51 minutes late) and salamanca at 2:52 server time and not 5 am but the point is that the spanish DID NOT make any attempt to hold us from grinding (we were just outside salamanca harbor) before the port battle timer end and the only thing they do is watch us with 6 basic cutters and try to join our battles .. they did not countergrind or atleast didn't try hard enough i don't see how it would change today.. we would still be there with 43 people like we were there last night and they would still be in harbor..
  12. it doesn't work that way.. if you get 100% hostility before the 23:59 server time the port battle is set for next day at 21:59 (22 hours later) so therefore after a port battle is already SET there is no more hostility % therefore you can't loose %
  13. NO? care to explain? or it's just NO coz you don't like it? like i said open the map and see... it states that clearly
  14. open map and check... "Port Battles can ONLY be set up between 17:00 and 22:00" ... and since the port battle is set 22 hours after you get hositility to 100% this means if we reach 100% hostility at midnight (server time 0:00) the port battle will still be set for 22:00 (server time)
  15. WRONG we can do it till 0:00 server time according to game like i said port battles can be set for 17-22 server time
  16. there was nothing unfair about it .. we can set the PB untill 0:00 server time coz the pb gets set 22hours later so .. if we set it till 0:00 (midnight) server time we are within the 17:00-22:00 PB timer
  17. hi are you sure about the optimized ballas? isn't it supposed to be -3% speed? as per the wiki
  18. 1) Not possible due to them coming point blank when tagging (and i was stationary at kpr atm) 2) not possible coz the indefat take a looooong time to first turn downwind and accelerate above cutter's speed (my indefat had a top speed of 10.5 which is same with the cutter's downwind speed so your points not valid here) and to make it clear again.. the fire was so fast that the battle lasted only 5 minutes MAX i had just enough time to turn the ship downwind and still at 8 knots so...
  19. This was not the battle .. your SS only proves that this is done on a regular basis in the battle in question i was in the indy and the forts were far away so no fire from them .. pls no excuses and miss-information this SS that you showing is not even KPR
  20. If this goes on regular PvP combat like i said before there would be absolutely no point to sail an surp/indy/trinc since you cand get free pvp mark with 0 cost.. so since they said it's allowed pls let's get on this and all of do it.. from now on only basic cutters/cutters/lyxes/picles costs a lot less and will earn you quick points will get my 30ppl right on it as soon as they wake up (unless told that it's actually not allowed)
  21. they can do same with normal cutter/lynx/pickle
  22. you don't understand do you? there is no defence against it (other than not firing a single shot and keep sailing for 1h 30 mins till the battle ends which is stupid) and 100% success rate with no risks and only benefits if someone can loose such an expensive ship within 5 minutes (that's how long the battle lasted they caught fire after firs couple of shots) then there is no point to sail in anything more than a 6th rate
  23. well yeah.. they are "testing" and in meanwhile getting all the gold pvp and xp .. very good testing
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