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  1. Ok thanks for clarification , i missread the flag v flag thing my bad One more clarification if possible just to be sure , let's say i'm British , a couple other brits tagged nation X but i wasn't pulled in due to being too far away so i join the battle latter on my own side, will i still get the negative reputation or this reputation thing is only for joining under "false" flag? (i understand and assume the latter but just want to make sure it is)
  2. Also one more very important thing just got brought up in discussion . What about when nations do agreed fights for practice? this will no longer be possible . This is very important thing that @admin needs to think about . At the very least there should be a "i forgive you" button that you can press and not have the battle count against the enemy's reputation
  3. This honestly seems very exploitable like Anolytic has said , most serious clans have alts in most if not all nations which they can bring along and hide in battles from gank fleets . It's really not that hard to know who is friends with who and use the appropriate alt . This feels worse than the old alliance system , way worse IMHO , it poses the same restrictions on PvP without the benefits of stopping rogue clans like the alliance system would . Honestly if you can't be bothered to deal with griefers all the time just bring back the alliance system it's way better than this , perha
  4. TL : DR Havoc does something bad and people ask them why/ complain about it Havoc: Shut up you noob and keep on working / IT's just a game / HAHAHA you're so funny/ Jeez don't over-react . (Pretty much every time) Anybody else : Does something to Havoc once, ALL HELL BRAKES LOOSE Havoc: opens up tribunal posts and thratens with war, screaming and complaining for days Havoc : OW PvP Treaties are impossible and you are an idiot to think otherwise Also Havoc : We want PvP Treaty if we are to have peace, we don't want you to camp our waters with 20 players GB :
  5. Oh i love how the swedes love to play the poor victim but thing is you were given plenty warning that if you don't stop your BS , there will be war as i explicitly stated in my (now removed) screenshot
  6. Sorry mate but my screenshots were not private convesations with one person but rather a diplomatic channel where many people had access to. Why is that not ok to post for me but ok for other people to post (for example some people's signature on here)?
  7. I don't actually own a TV at home , never had a use for it , sorry to dissapoint
  8. You obviously didn't read anything . No it was about the way we were being treated , like a dog with 0 respect or courtesy , being used as a meatshield and target practice at the same time .In fact we were treated with more respect by Anolytic and North despite our differences. We simply didn't want to put up with Swedish/Havoc bullshit anymore. If you expected us to keep on being your dogs well you were wrong
  9. Finally some constructive criticism. Pls substitite wherever i say "sweden" with "HAVOC" well i can be excused for thinking "sweden" whenever i think "rediii" those 2 things are kind of synonymous wouldn't you agree? Keeping track of who and exactly when switched nation to where is a bit hard for everybody on the server so i generally remember the people who were involved as it doesn't really matter which flag they're flying , it's the same people. Yes true you didn't have 20 people in HAVOC at the time but there were other players in your nation . Maybe you couldn't motivate them fine .
  10. You saying he was always like this? I stand corrected then my appologies for that point
  11. LOL @Gregory Rainsborough "sorry i missed" is that really what you could come up with mate? Everyone who even haves a small clue who Greg is, would know very well that it's pretty much impossible that he would miss at such a close range especially considering he's so used to fighting in a snow he knows exactly where to fire and by how much to lead the target . Probably better than a computer . Furthermore looking at the map it seems that gregory's ship is not even angled enough to be able to shoot at his clanmate who he claims to be really aiming at . Regardless to miss by 3 ship lengths
  12. No unfortunately i did not screenshot everything like Liam and silentwraith insults over the months coz i thought that yeah they are asholes but atleast you will uphold your honor . Obviously i was wrong . Thank you for the screenshots they demonstrate perfectly some of my points That's exactly the dismissive tone we have been treated with from Liam and silentwraith for months , each time when we bring our concerns to you . Shut up and suck it up , oh btw will you come to screen/flip something tomorrow or keep complaining about how we treat you? Yet despite this (mostly LAMA) was still try
  13. OMG i'm so fed up with swedish crying about GB "backstabing" them . In fact they don't shut up about it lol . They like to twist facts and forget others so much that it wants to make people puke I'm tired of writing this over and over again only for some swedish troll to grab onto one phrase and twist it out of context , ignoring the rest of the argument(s) If you disagree consider explaining why exactly, like a structured debate with logical arguments and not just "this is BS" which does not explain why you hold a certain point of view, and which exactly arguments here you disagree wit
  14. As someone who has been held in battles by a fir/fir DLC ship for 3 hours (actually wasted my day) more than once , i fully support this idea and would even say 5 minutes as that gives plenty of time for someone to catch up to anyone they're actually pursuing and can't be abused OR if it has to be 15 minutes there should be some kind of protection (either spawn out of visual or just not be able to be tagged by same griefer repeatedly) coz the current system is being abused by people with alts on laptops etc . I know some smarta**es here will say it can easily be avoided but that's BS . I
  15. Like others have suggested i think crew damage should be lowered for ships in brace and also there should be Hull damage for nearby ships and quite significant at that if the ship is touching the exploding ship , with a dropout to zero hull damage at 150m But i also have another suggestion which i didn't see from anyone (didn't read all the posts tho) and it's that crew damage should be dependant not only on distance but also on the health of the ship in question . Ie if a ship is heavily damaged and lost most of its armor it would not protect its crew well as it's become "swiss cheese"
  16. No . He had no intention to fight . Why i say this? coz every time we try to tag him in open world he runs away . Every time we turn around and let him be he comes back at us following us. We tried many things to lose him but he kept annoying us doing false tags etc. Eventually we tried disconnecting but he pulled taged us in OW and pulled us in battle twice . In the battle he had no intention to fight . Started running away as soon as it started and while we were chasing him he did not fire . After few minutes we gave up again coz he was way faster so we drop sails waiting to leave battl
  17. Oh ,here we go again 1st i can't help to notice that you failed to adress my point (or pretend you didn't see it) about you bringing overwhelming strength against someone you know has less than half of what you've got And about which ports we are trying to develop don't pretend you don't know . I've already told you which ports we're devloping . You can attack any of the ports outside the designated congrios-black river triangle but if you bring full fleet of 1st rates with all best PB players don't complain you don't get any content coz we can't match that (for the near future) an
  18. @Anolytic is very good at hidinig behind word definitions and playing dumb , getting hung up on how the mechanics are supposed to work pretending he does stuff by accident or unintentoally it seems "Reds don't want belize/brangman's/trux" wow so someone actually FORCED you to go and attack brangman's bluefields heh? i'm so sorry "Although we're starting to wonder if Brits are making crafting upgrades in every port just so that they can complain about us attacking their crafting hubs whichever port we attack" You're such a great liar aren't you? britain upgrading every port ?? seriou
  19. Did you read anything from what i wrote? We didn't try to gank him, he came at us
  20. Ok from tomorrow then i ask everyone to do the same in british waters then I came in a cheap trinc with no mods coz i wanted to fight not run and kite and we did get a fight after even tho we were out-gunned we won coz the russians were in fir/fir ships
  21. In RvR this allowed coz it's the only way to screen. But if everyone does this in Open World to "protect their waters" as some of you say this will only ruin the game coz we all can have our alts sailing around with fir/fir speed trim hermiones or something else and keep any enemy we see in battle for half an hour or longer without any intention of fighting This guy did not only NOT fight but he actively prevented us from leaving the battle , in multiple battles by shooting keeping us tagged with single shots from 2 miles away , yet every time we turn to fight he ran, both in OW and battle
  22. Ok so this [SHOCK] Max Massey guy has been following us for the last 40 mins in a fast hermione , running away every time we turn on him. We attacked him , he kept running again and every time we want to stop the chase (coz he's way faster and we can't catch him) he turn around and tries to tag us . He even tagged us and pulled us in battle while we were loging off to try and lose him that way , same thing he runs and tries to keep us in battle for as long as he can What can be done about this? If this is ok for him to do i we can have 20 alts doing it in british waters and nobody well
  23. Yeah only problem with that i think is that it lets you attack enemy players in it which none other enemies can join if that feature would be removed then all good
  24. I do agree with you that agressive AI is a Terrible idea and forcing ppl to be always watching at the screen , running away from some random ai all the time not what i'm looking for when i go out for PvP nor do i want to be fihting the AI. I also want this game to have 5k+ players and succeed but i think your logic here is flawed I don't know if you have the ability to look in Brit nation chat . There may not be a "noob" problem in your nation but in order to know what's happening with the new players you need to constantly watch brit nation chat as the vast majority of new players pick GB
  25. Admin PLEASE wipe the clan lists as well . It's a huge problem in GB there are thousands of clans on the list 95% of whom are inactive (also would help to expand the clan friends list to help with new port mechanics)
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