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  1. Not all casuals are noobs. I don't want to be defended by NPCs, I want to have a good fight with similar arms, where the skill decides more than the ship.
  2. I'm amazed at the lack of empathy the developers have for casual players, the ones who are maybe 3 or 4 hours a week in the game. Now we are the prey for the players with more time, the difference of the ships is already immense. Just what the game didn't need is the possibility to increase this disadvantage even more, with seasoned woods What the game needs is to level the capacity of the ships. Make any feature maximum 5% better than the base The rest of the patch content is very positive, by the way
  3. My answer is YES. My suggestions: 1) Ranks lower than Master & Commander can only be attacked by equal or lower ranks 2) Decreasing the port bonuses a lot, to avoid that the noobs, who have more difficult access to them, fight with much disadvantage. 3) Provide ships with random port bonuses in all ports (up to 5º rate) Added based in usefull posts: 4) Teleport free for ranks lower than M&C 5) Lower a bit the skill of NPC of 7º & 6º rate
  4. Admin has shared some very worrying information: 5000 new players were brought into the game since launch, but the staying power is low. If the answer is YES, please share your suggestions to solve this problem
  5. I think this is the key. 5000 newbies leave quickly because they are treated like carnaza for veterans. They have such a hard time so quickly that they give up, there is no fun in being abandoned in the jungle without preparation. THIS is the main problem in the game, I think
  6. No, no, no, I can't do that, I don't have the time, ambition, or probably the skills to do it. I agree that it's not your job to balance the game, the devs should implement balancing mechanisms to avoid situations like this one. Of course, stay in Russia if you want, but I think we all need some challenge in this game. I don't see any for the Russians right now. I don't think it's fun to gank all the time. In the PZ it's funny to see how they fight each other to shoot you between a swarm of comrades. I don't think forged papers are a problem, almost all veteran REDS must have them, and about the resources to rebuild the clan... you are the master Besides, what I propose has already been done before. @redii and Havoc did it several times, and it was a fun time for everyone.
  7. Buena idea, es importante organizarnos. Contad conmigo para ayudar en lo que mi limitado tiempo me permita. Parece dificil tener un post publico constructivo, quiza podriamos hacer un club privado para organizarnos, que entren solo capitanes conocidos y que quieran aportar
  8. Elio, he visto que estuviste en la PB de Santa Fe del lunes 7, ¿grabaste la batalla? Si es así, estaría muy bien que la compartieras en tu canal, y mucho mejor si la comentaras. Creo que tenemos mucho que aprender a nivel táctico para jugar bien las PBs, y la mejor forma de hacerlo que se me ocurre es aprender de los errores y aciertos propios y del enemigo.
  9. Enhorabuena por el canal Elio. Yo he visto casi todos los vídeos, y son muy instructivos. Hacía falta un canal así en español 👏👏👏
  10. He visto un gráfico que da que pensar (de https://na-map.netlify.com/ -> Game tools -> port ownership) Se puede ver como va cambiando la balanza del RVR de Suecia a los holandeses y de éstos a GB, coincidiendo con el paso de rediii por estas facciones. Que yo sepa, ni los berenjenos ni los british son conocidos por su pericia en el PVP... Como ya habéis dicho algunos, quizá haya que empezar por motivar y organizar a los jugadores españoles. Con un objetivo claro y alcanzable es mucho más divertido jugar al Naval. Saludos a todos
  11. The problem was resolved by reinstalling the game from 0
  12. With the new version, the game is not playable for me. I have made the "regedit delete" workarround, but that not solved my problem Before the crashes, all seems ok, FPS > 100 and Ping < 50. Then ships start to stand up and jump, and the game hangs It happen in OW 1 time and in a battle 2 times
  13. Of course, gf. There was a moment when I thought we were going to win. I learned a few lessons, I hope we'll meet again soon
  14. Enough already with the "go to PVE", it has nothing to do with I tried to expose I like PVP and PB (have not I already said that I really like this game?). In fact, the consti they robbed me was captured by me to other player, when I was part of a defense fleet of La Habana This is about to protect (or don´t gank) the players when they leave the missions , which is the fastest way to progress in this game. Please devs @admin, include this suggestion in the new mega-patch, it will be the easiest way in the history of video games to get better reviews and more retention:
  15. Please, see this post: Here is the first report: when leaving a mission at Gasparilla, happy with the newly captured Essex, this group of players was thrown on me like hyenas to the smell of blood
  16. First of all I want to make it clear that what comes next is my personal opinion, and does not represent any group of players, including my clan. I'm tired of hearing many veteran players that the game is deteriorating and losing players because of the developers, because the changes in the game are almost always to worst. That the game is very hard and that almost all beginners do not last even a week. Well, my opinion as a quasi-novice is that the game is very good, but that the community of players is destroying it, and I explain why. A community as small as that of Naval Action is very susceptible to poisoning by the influence of groups of toxic players, even if they are few. And more if the game is not finished, the mechanics are in alpha and you can make use of exploits (we are all aware of the problem of misuse of the Alts). I call toxic players to those who do not respect the contrary, use all the exploits they can to their advantage, and enjoy ruining playing time to other players. Their motivation is more the revenge than the fun, they only present battle if they are much superior and abuse of all players that they can, not giving time to those that begin to develop like capitans. I think this is the main reason why rookies leave so quickly, and that fewer and fewer veterans are left. For me the limit is exceeded when attacking capitans who are training in missions. Missions are the school for those who begin and for those who want to dominate a particular ship, and also the source of income for many, and must be respected by all honorable players. That way we will get many more and better players to fight with. The best solution is in the Devs side: please, increase the time you cannot attack or be attacked to 5 minutes and / or implement hyper-speed when leaving a mission. But we also have a solution: denounce this type of players and publicly showing their shameful actions. From there I'll start myself in this other post: Please forgive my English, it is not my native language.
  17. Was a good fight, and also the very first PB for some of the spanish players (including me:) Could be the begining of a great (un)friendship... Congrats
  18. For the point of view of a newbe and solo player. I want to make PvP but the probability of loss my vessel is 90%, too many veterans with very well crafted boats out there.. 1) So please, give some reward to the losser of a PvP, based on the damage caused. 2) Do not allow gank. The difference of BR between players has to have a limit, and the revenge float has to have a very difficult task. 3) PvP vessels have to be cheaper. I have to spend 1 week of play time to buy a Surprise and cannons plus repairs... I am not willing to risk all this time in 20 minutes of unbalanced battle
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