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  1. I need a little help figuring out tagging groups in open world. From what I understand, there is a 4x tag limit for a ship. ( ie... A Hercules ( 110 BR ) could tag up to 440 BR ). Is this correct? Also, I hear that there is a sliding scale for tagging ships. (ie. (2) Hercules (220 BR ) can tag groups larger than 880 BR. ) Does anyone know the math? Cause I can not find it. Regards, -Gruene
  2. This is just a lil idea. I don't know how much coding it would involve. But, just an idea. I would like to see and I think it would be cool, if the ships, when you look at the details, have some history for that particular ship. Such as, how many pvp kills it has, or what port battles it was victorious in. I think this would give the owner of the ship a little bit more pride in that ship and it could go a long way with the players. Just a though, Gruene
  3. Magic to me was hearing the creek of the ship as it rolled over the waves, cannon fire at dusk through a bank of smoke, and finding your wind gauge.
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