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  1. I was one of those dudes if it was Santo Domingo (second try), it was my first battle in MB - I missed the first few shots but saw that the aim circle had to go 'underneath' the fort to hit on top. Had at least 40 hits directly on the fort walls or center and I saw Njord hit it every time. 0 dmg was made. Seems broken ^^
  2. Maybe we are both sort of subjective in the matter I just think the "healing" is too great, while it works great for you. What if a fleet don't have the wind to play passive/aggressive, but defensive/aggressive(to the death) due to casualties? The winning fleet can just rep and send in freshly repped guys. The 1 guy who made 1000 hull might die in vain. I think of hugging to be a bigger problem if players can break off and rep, no reason not to hug and do close dmg, when the damage you absorb can be repaired?? More dangerous it will be, if you only have 1 or 2 rep, then you would not wish to hug anyone instantly and battles would prolong naturally, not with ultra many reps ^^ Maybe if repairs had lower % every time its used in the same fight, it would be more fair for both parties. Lets take @Croat in last nights battle for instance. You are the perfect example, and well played yesterday btw. After 21 minutes he had this in HP: AND in the end of the same battle he got full HP again. With the current system of multi rep, in combination with the use of dark magic, resurrecting the dead and it took most fun out of battles and made hugging so much more of a problem. As of now, you have to focus and isolate players to get him done with, it require team effort yes. The swedes are capable of this, better than most and its so annoying to see the dmg one did, getting repaired along the fight. Your impact on the fight is 0, cause if 1 fleet has the upper hand, they can repair multiple times in safety and the other fleet will have so much more difficulty changing course of battle. Remove the multi repairs.. And change the resurrection of crew. Maybe lost crew should be divided into two groups; "Dead" and "Wounded" whereas wounded can be healed by the ship magician , so they once more can man the cannons.
  3. Yes, arguably skills are needed to maintain the upper hand with current system. In a 25v25 fleet I could see someone with 50% on each side - and 24 minutes later he would have fully repaired his ship. Endless reparing in battles just destroy fleet engagements, the fleet with more % on carpenter reps will win as of current imo(if shielded by mates, while reparing) =) Reps was once used to extend your survive-ability when in urgent need, rum was non existent. I liked the old battles better when opponents only had 1 rep and no rum injected crew boost
  4. 1 of each rep! Makes battles soo much better! You can focus on the battle and not try to figure how long till your opponent can repair again. Also tagging system, I know its another matter.. No stern cannons vs fast opponent and multiple reps means you cannot do anything... They can just kite forever and rep forever, keep you in battle for as long as they wish. Its sad. No skill! In the middle of a battle, a captain should not be concerned if one enemy is not tagged and magically leaves the battle 100 meters away. It SUCKS and always have. Control perk for everyone! =)
  5. That is what im saying - let them board at the same time by assigning crew to the initial boarder - when I disengage I actually disengage instead of current bull crap ? That's what im saying. ITs not AI..
  6. All I am saying, it should be made so players could do boarding simultaneously, so when one disengage, they actually break free. If you do not wish to board, then rake, if not wishing to rake, then sink me while the other is boarding. Begin against two players who get a board, insta boarding is inevitable. So why spend 40 points to disengage if instaboarded anyways.. The disengage button should just be removed then, disengaging in this case is redundant, because you already get caught in the next boarding when you do. Why disengage 1 to be boarded by another the instant after, caught in another loop of rock/paper/kitty I want this to change in case I actually sail something of value, its also for your sake man. I will make more depth in the instances and it will be harder to take others ships Take this for instance: If your mate is boarding, you can assist him by assigning your crew join the fight, all between 50 or 100 in a party - or even go all in. You can give your mate help in this way, but in the meantime you are unable to shoot and move. The boarding becomes all or nothing and the disengage button will have a meaning. This way multiple boarders can share the spoils and the victory. If the target disengage a 1 min timer kicks in.. If you truly crippled your opponent, the 1 minute wont make a difference. It would have in our case. Insta boarding wins, as of now =)
  7. The full story has nothing to do with the topic.. What you are outlaying as a "genius" plan, really just comes boils down to me deciding to fight you and playing along. I decided to wait for you near the fort instead of going to harbor, if things went wrong I could easily sail away. In battle you sail away, and I decide to sail after you. After 45 minutes of kiting I sail away cause its hello kittying boring. You go after after me. I was on 76% sails, and could easily have sailed away if I stayed course. You could have done nothing against aim rear cannons of the sup. But I decided that I might be able to turn and cripple your mate, which I did. 3 times I had the opportunity to leave you as it was but I didn't. I wanted to fight a little. I didn't plan you to bore me out of the match and you got a lucky boarding, after I demasted one of you. I was turning to finish him off with double shots, but was boarded legally. I had rum, I had 98 crew after 1st board and you insta board after.. Why are you lying? I disengage, only to get instaboarded. Game mechs wins here, you calculated nothing ^^
  8. That is what I say.! For the second player, options should be provided, one could be to board simultaneously.. Else its impossible to break free.. You two can just trade boarding and keep player there whenever - ez win.. The boarding is ok, nothing wrong with that.. I broke free from you, but does not provide further options with current system, other than being insta boarded again. And you talk about skill. I chased you, you kited me. You win this victory with nothing but game mech flaw. Part of the game, its legal, I know. Its not skill.. Just sayin'
  9. In your example, you mention a favorably position of the boarding. If 1 of these guys decided to rake you, you would have been done for. If 10 players attack and 1 board, well you are hello kittyed. But the options are limited when 2 guys gets to board and you are not prepped.. When you disengage 1, can u prep for the next? No.. But he can. Its stupid.. In my scenario, the guy who boarded first was fully boarding equipped. Muskets, marines the whole thing.. Now, I fend this one off, losing a lot of crew, but I fend him off, the other one insta board. How will I get prep for this? In reality, the other ship would have to get in a position and provide suppressing musket fire from its top masts and hand cannons from the deck, or rake in the rear or aim shots below the waterline. Or they would board simultaneously. The current system is broken! If this was reality in NA, when disengaging boarding would mean to withstand the collective, the boarding, musket or suppressing fire break free and continue the brawl.. As of now, its an evil circle. The other ship prepares and wait passively by, and insta-board whenever 1 is done. 0 dynamic battle right there, just circle of boards and toxic players bragging. Too gamey and stupid.
  10. I didnt board, they did, twice.. Well if this is the case and you all feel that way, maybe allow player TO BOARD AT THE SAME TIME.. That's your logic and basically what is happening now. 10 cutters can pull you 1 at a time, what is 10 boarded you at the same time and the crew is added to the first boarder. This is not a good mech. Its hello kittying stupid. When two little shits are shooting your sails, then you don't magically 100% and away do you? If they did a lucky boarding it would be that way, since they didn't no........... hello kitty that shit, its no skill... Solo hunting excluded from the game, didn't know... When I disengage, I want a timer else they can just stand up in line and prepare and I can be the sorry hello kittying hooker on shift waiting for NA and its players to hello kitty me in the ass... The only way to be sure about that not happening is by not playing NA. So when someone is discontent with the game mechs, you just say "well dont get shot and dont die". Dont play.. Ok man, fair enough.. Nice logic.. hello kitty that shit and hello kitty that boarding mech - noobs will thrive in this game if we learn them this.. shoot only sails and masts, they are so weak now that they break right away.. Then all prepare and push the fella into the wind. Now get raped by game mechs..
  11. Well, the insta boarding is just annoying. If playing vs two opponents, you might have a change of fending one off, if boarded. But then the other one board insta after disengage, I get angry. Should be a 1-2 minute timer after boarding where all cannot board, else ppl can just wait in line as of current mech.
  12. Hell no, it should be common content in a game where all ships are generic in looks and players are many.. Its not too much to ask for, even for new players. EDIT: Should be given in PvP also though. But paints should not exceed the value of a given ship.
  13. Apparently this customization of ships has been taken from our hands. Designs are there, paints are there, but we are not entrusted with them. Too dangerous to allow pink fleets back in the game? I really don't know why devs wont let players use tools already created, e.g. paints for ships.. It should not take too long to implement a paint tab in admiralty store. 100k or 20 combat marks for a paint would be fair.
  14. I had ownership of around fifty 1st rates, but only 1 Santa Cecilia. Best ship I ever had. Its too bad, I didnt know. The Surprise is also kinda broken now
  15. Dude, I was also online at the moment. Santa Cecilia is uncraftable the most precious ship to those who loves surprises, since it has pretty much the same sailing profile and 12 pdr.. Its worth 10 1st rates in my eyes. Come back when you loose one of those. The revenge gank mech was a pain, many players got bitten by that mechanic. BTW the swedes SANK it. It was a terrible day for everyone Stop trolling around. Back to topic.. If the BR limit is present, 1 nation or clan with 10 players have possibility to def a port with BR limit of 6k (example). They can bring 10 1st rates. The others can be 25, but must not exceed 6000 br. Epic fights will be fought! I will definitely love to get this gets tested. It will engage more players to do RvR when you dont need a specific ship build of a specific wood type. The little guys can defend themselves in some ports and regional capitals will be major battles of mixed 4th-1st rates 25v25 I imagine. So regional ports will belong to stronger clans and little clans still have opportunity to cap ports with lower BR limit.
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