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  1. Stock Syndrome is a serious issue imo. I stopped caring about unlocking new tanks/planes in War Thunder because I won't play them anyway (unless they're low rank). Playing without unlocked gear is frustrating and 0 fun. On the other hand, grinding for alternative instead of better gear is fine imo, e.g. bonus to x, malus to y (NOT SOMETHING LIKE MAINTENANCE FEE).
  2. Does anyone still have a spare key left? I'll just quote myself why I want one, lol:
  3. Ubisoft just announced a naval combat game similar to Naval Action. "Similar". ------------------- It is the Golden Age of Piracy. Renegade captains command the most powerful weapons on Earth: warships. In Skull & Bones™, you are an insatiable, upstart pirate captain who has refused the king’s pardon. Having nothing to lose, you sailed from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean, an exotic and untamed frontier full of lavish riches. However, these rich and idyllic waters are also a battleground where far-reaching colonial empires, powerful trading corporations, and ruthless pirate gangs are fiercely competing for their share of these valuable treasures. During your journey to become the ultimate pirate kingpin, you will build a fleet of ships you can customize, prey upon lucrative trade routes, and take down rival pirate captains, memorable characters, or other players. In order to survive in this ruthless ocean, you will have to ally with other pirate captains to form the most influential pirate gang, becoming too big to fail and joining the endless struggle for supremacy of the Indian Ocean. ------------------- Skull and Bones: E3 2017 Announcement Cinematic Trailer Skull and Bones: E3 2017 Multiplayer Gameplay Walkthrough
  4. It's even harder without any posts. NAL is exactly what I wanted from NA. You can't imagine my disappointment when Sea Trials was removed (had 0 interest in open world). I always thought the game would feature both, open world and a Sea Trials-esque game mode.
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