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  1. I think the first CSA mission (Potomac fort) is a good intro (you get to attack and defend fortified positions and attack and defend in more open terrain, and don't really have to worry about supply), which is why I suggested starting a campaign. The second mission (Newport News) is also pretty good and reasonably forgiving, and then finally, as you say, 1st Bull Run is a battle that starts small and builds big, which would be a good capstone to that mini-tutorial. As long as you don't worry about your career points or how to efficiently build an army, you can play those three to get a sense for the game and then start over and play a more 'serious' campaign as either side.
  2. If you're looking to get your feet under you without a guide or watching let's plays (and for the record, I agree with pandakraut that this is probably the best way to learn the game's tactics), I actually recommend starting the campaign as CSA (the first couple of missions as USA are tougher, in my opinion) and play the first couple of missions leading up to first bull run. You start with relatively few units and are reinforced by a few more, you get to practice attack and defense, and finally by the end of first bull run are leading a relatively large army. And because most of the troops you command are extra to your campaign army, the first few missions are pretty forgiving in terms of army management.
  3. I haven't tried the mod since you created the mac-friendly version in June. It's fine, please don't worry about trying to make it work on my computer, I was just sharing for information purposes in case others have similar issues!
  4. So as it turns out the modded Assembly-Csharp.dll still doesn't work on my computer - I could use the other modded files without it (with updated weapons and perks and maybe a few other things? I did notice the charging artillery bug) and the game used the default Assembly-Csharp.dll file that wasn't replaced. Still enjoying it, though!
  5. BCH: Enjoying the AAR! I love the dispatch format for Bull Run.
  6. I haven't noticed this either. The original commander still says WIA/KIA during the battle (not replaced by someone new) and there is no commander for the unit when I get back to camp. I have lost colonels, lt colonels, and majors and none of them seem to be replaced.
  7. I haven't been able to play for a couple of months, but I finally have a bit of free time and started up a campaign in the mod (so it is working for me on a Mac, too!). Really nice work, I'm enjoying it immensely!
  8. Yup, can't do anything - for me it didn't just never load, no buttons worked. Is that what you found as well? If you ONLY install the resources.assets file, that works, but the rest does not.
  9. Has anyone gotten this mod to work on a Mac? I'm still struggling and wondering whether anyone has figured something out.
  10. At Chickamaugua as the Union, hold all of the defensive VPs but none of the offensive ones after the second day (so don't bother attacking, just hold the ones you start with after the map opens up). It's a great way to kill a lot of Confederates (I killed ~70k on BG the first time I played it, although that was before they added the intelligence report)
  11. Great work! Given your stated goal to destroy as many confederate units as possible, I'm curious as to why you chose to win Chickamauga on the second day instead of fighting through the whole battle? Also, it never occurred to me to wait until extra victory points open up and then just defend at Brock road. I'll have to try that next time.
  12. That's ok, thanks for your help! I'll play around with it a bit more and if I can make it work, I'll post here so other Mac users can learn from my mistakes.
  13. Hm... So my problem might be that there are two Managed folders and two Data folders. One of the data folders is UGCW/Data, the other is UGCW/Resources/Data. Both have a folder called "Managed" within them. In the first, this is the only item, so the second seems to be the one where I need to install it. edit: removed screenshots to keep thread clean.
  14. I should clarify - All of the mod features seems to be working when I have the Assembly-CSharp.dll file installed. I can see the new tooltips for weapons, officers are more expensive, etc. It's just that the battles don't seem to run. Should I maybe have replaced the whole "Managed" folder rather than just the one file?
  15. So when I try to play the mod, the battles won't start. If I click the "start" button on a custom battle, nothing happens. If I hit escape and try to return to the main menu, it gives me the quitting prompt but then nothing happens. If I try to start a new campaign, the briefing won't run. It seems to be related to the Assembly-CSharp.dll file. When I only replace the resources.assets file, the game runs fine and seems to exhibit some of the listed features (deadly melee, for one).
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