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  1. Thanks very much. I've seen it happen before and it didn't cause too much trouble but this time it really messed a well played game from me so I just rage quit then came on here to vent.
  2. Playing as the Confederates on 1st Winchester I've just had an enemy cavalry unit glitch through one of my infantry brigades and re-capture two Union skirmish units that had surrendered to me that were being held in my rear.
  3. I appear to be having the same problem as the OP. The only way for me select more than one unit at a time is to hold the Ctrl button and select units from the bottom of the HUD. I can't do it by selecting units on the battlefield no matter where about on the unit I click, I also can't select any units by clicking and dragging to make a box around several units. Should i report this through the in game bug report mechanism as well?
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