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  1. Well, it's not situational bug, so I didn't. If someone is happy to do so, everyone can recreate it and F11, go ahead.
  2. If you use F1-2-3-4 or F5 and you start the boarding, you can't unlock the guns, thus you can't fire them at all while boarding.
  3. only if ports on Jamaica could be capturable... it would make sense to craft there and make a clan base. They removed the reinforcement zone, so we're one foot in, time to bring the second foot.
  4. Ignoring or running away from the problem of the biggest national capital on the server doesn't fix it. KPR is a farm where you go to collect PvP marks and even reinforcement zone wouldn't fix that, just made other things worse.
  5. AI still uses double ball and double charge almost all the time, they load it on carronades as well. Besides the fact that players can use neither, even the "legal" way. Shooting angles are unreal and give a cringe feeling. Overpowered ammo used by AI, combined with carronades and other buffs ruin the immersion of ship balance. Instead of creating buffed opponent with illegally used mechanics (things that players can't do), just give us bigger ship. Instead of crazy powerful Cerberus, give us normal Endymion. That looks hilarious when Surprise, bigger on more powerful on paper than Cerb, just gets whooped and shreded to pieces by the Cerbs. Tutorials are not impossible, and neither very hard, but as I mentioned before, they ruin the immersion and ship balance feel.
  6. Several other forum users have asked this question in release topics, but they were left ignored and unanswered. As it was stated in the Forum & Game rules: and it was mentioned few more times later in other topics like here: From what I heard, players that were banned before the release, remain banned today, after the release. I mean game bans here, as forum bans, even if numerous, they are less disconcerting.
  7. Better release on Saturday, when everyone is at home and free. Not at work, not at school. Also that solves timezone issues as if release happens on prime European time, Americans will have only scraps left for them.
  8. The banning record is indeed impressive and notable, I second that.
  9. No to masz błędne informacje, bo PRIV idzie do Holendrów. W polskiej nacji nikt nie planuje grać.
  10. Do you mean the Inger with 112 guns and same sail plan copy-pasted on every boat? Damn, good job.
  11. Polish ranks have mistakes, really sad. Kontradmiral = Kontradmirał Wiceadmiral = Wiceadmirał Admiral = Admirał
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