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  1. Says battle over and he probably sailed a long way. Once you don't see square on your battle map, nothing will render. Seeing them in OW means nothing.
  2. Simply out of render, you sailed so far in the battle, forts don't load anymore.
  3. 100% sandbox and immersive gameplay. Good roleplay if someone likes to be the fisherman.
  4. Not lazy coding but hand-holding people who complain about every their mistake done.
  5. Spanish are Spanish, you won't see many of them until you sit outside La Habana and get chased by 20 of them. Poland also got supplied by Russian ships, that doesn't make us their alts. Free market, free trade and good will of some captains. Don't forget the fact that half of the Spanish players joined Russia, so they might be more eager to help Spanish nation (unlike NN French players farming French nation every day).
  6. Of course you can do it, but it's plain stupid and waste of time to keep rolling your missions (from design point of view). The system should be simple - more stars (higher difficulty) = better rewards. No RNG factor where you either get shitty rewards for the same mission or great ones.
  7. Topics get locked as quickly as I open them, so let me just answer here to that topic: That is not Russian cheat and that is not the Nethros/player fault as @Henry d'Esterre Darby accuses him of his end issue. This is a game bug and desync problem that's been happening in NA for years. We can clearly see that Nethros has 20 ping (very low), stable connection, not activated Windows OS and alt opened in Sandboxie. Desync issue occurs on the PLAYER1--SERVER--PLAYER2 connection path and it shouldn't be occuring. With latency problem, the actions done by player are delayed and game can be more buggy, but we can't even blame the latency here as we can clearly see 20-22 ping range. That's an excelent ping for a player, playing NA is just fine with 100-250ms stable connection.
  8. Liberalism

    IQ Test for NA

    Maybe developers can add an IQ Test in order to delete your outpost and similar actions where we receive 20 warnings and confirmations? Only the players with high enough IQ and reading comprehension skill will pass the test and will be allowed to close their damn outpost. Picture related:
  9. Volenti non fit iniuria
  10. So, one would think that the harder mission, the better rewards. Nothing could be further from the truth! There are often 5-star missions giving only few doubloons and there are 1-3 star misisons giving tons of doubloons and 2 chests. But wait! It's not everything, the best part is that missions are powered by sexy RNG, if the RNG likes you, you might get fancy rewards, or... just crappy ones. Pictures related: And if you're lucky, you can get above mission with 2 chests and 145 dubs, all thanks to RNG! Another example: All embrace and heil the RNG gods, amen.
  11. Ah look, Danish reclaimed a port they've lost. Small step for a Danish nation, big step for anti-Russian coalition! Hoozah
  12. Let me call Mr. Darby, you're not treating players with proper respect they deserve.
  13. During Fall, people will be on Halloween and visiting the graves, during Winter they will be on Christmas, New Year's Eve and on Winter holidays, During Spring they will be on Easter etc.
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