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  1. A minute ago I asked in a clan chat and got a reply: "white oak white oak". Hm. Are you sure?
  2. Hi! I am sorry for off top(Lol) But what is the best type of wood for PVP Hercules? Teak/White oak planking? What is the best type of wood for PVE Hercules then? Live oak/White oak planking? I think we both need speed and endurance in PVE but not as much speed as in PVP, so Maybe Oak/White oak planking is the best option for PVE Hercules? What do u think?
  3. So far I made a conclusion: AI's weak spot is musket fire. I should rework ship mods with muskets. I dont know how but ai is always short on muskets and he suffers big losses no matter what.
  4. Mr Texas attached same scheme I used making my youtube guide for Naval Action in my language(There is no guides for Naval Action in my language so I had to do some. Had.) I am always used it now i Just know that nades vs attack will mean insta attack win. I cant find a barricades mod in admiralty. Why? Are you sure? Explain me in 1 simple sentence: Why his nades attack 2 times better than my Melee charge with marines and Melee mods. Cuz this is what I do not get, so I asked you: Why "rock paper scissors" is not working anymore? Explain me like I am five. I dont think barricades super buff his nades attack. And I won earlier with 30 my morale vs 100 ai's morale, so it is definetely no a case. It was rock paper scissors for me all these moths. I missed somesthing. And I need to find our what. U see on the screenshot our first 5 rounds. What went wrong? And yeah, AI had 78 vs 98 my prep. So It had to be easy win. Even though it is 3rd or 4th battle I lose without understanding of how???? Okay so barricades maybe be op. But what about his 34 nades kills? When I use nades vs attack I loose the fight. I need to know what mods ai have.
  5. To start with, I practised boarding a lot before wipe. Now something is not working right. We all know that marines+ training+melee buffs + attack/counter attack while enemy use grenades will mean your insta win. As you will slay 1/7 up to 1/4 of enemy's crew. He will get shock and lose next 2 rounds. Hooray vicory and stuff. Tested this on brig vs brig. Working perfectly. But when I came to 5th rates everything changed. Like something went really wrong. Look at the screenshots. Attack versus nades = my heavy losses. Same for Attack versus brace. I tried to use nades vs his attack. Extra heavy losses+ shock + defeat in next round. Tested it on different 5th rates. Let him pulled me and pulled him myself. Impossible. Yet Heavy losses. All the time. Like something really changed. I dont know what is wrong. It`s like my marines are not fighting at all. It seems to be a problem. Ofc charge without any infantry will mean losses. WHat do u think? I am out of ideas.
  6. Same shite again 1 agamemenon vs 4 snows. Lads arrived too late. RIP my agamemnon. (Ofc snows wont go side to side) Who even play fair fights now? If I will find out how to use MONO for CE i will redo cannons damage from 130 to 2000 or so. So I could sank them with my Rear and Forward guns. As they were always on my back and noone was covering me. Just stupid cuz in real life my Aga would crash them and it would be a lot of fun. In game however, where all the values are well... broken... I could solved this by at least 1 snow on my side.
  7. SO maybe we should just make battles always visible and always joinable again? This will balance a lot. Plus 5 seconds tag. + 30 seconds tag cooldown. It will improve a lot. Players will stop flooding 'attack' Also ratties wont keep attacking and closing battles the same time. 5 seconds invisibility only. No 'need for Speed' effect. Whats wrong? THis invisibility never helped me as I never trying to be a 'Smart nasty fox' It's ok to flee, yes. But it is not ok to rape 1 player outnumbering him/etc and than hiding from his buds. Not fair. You did this? Stay and fight. Or try to run with 5 sec invisibility. Plus battle now is joinable always. SOmeone may stay outside, in Open world. Some will enter. Tactics now. Instead of 'Hide and seek' Now it is a game. Naval action. Not naval retreat. And not naval exploiting. What do u mean by calm down? I am ok with being sank be fair players. No problems. I even have 40th crafting level. Yet no gold to craft another ship :\ thanks to my buds i have Agamemnon/Constitutione/etc to start with. Vive La France. Otherwise I would sailing a cutter right now. I am not ok with loosing a lot of time on crafting, so then i will loose my ship to coward hiding in the fog with his armada. No way. No fun. Get out. I will use brander tactics or other type of suicide bombing then XD fun at least. It`s too hard to get a ship and so easy to loose it because only few individuals fighting with some kind of respect/honour or how do u call this. Hm.
  8. It does mean nothing if some players are hiding and striking you with higher numbers. Leaks as critical is a really good idea. Cuz right now you can easily say from the beginning: will you win this battle or lose. Shouting? What? Mate I am playing here for half a year now and judging by experience I had for this time. Not yesterday, not a month ago but for a whole time. Stop your foul prejudice. I am cool. Game is not. It can be however. All of these ideas should be implemented - otherwise no online. Can anyone explain me word "Gank" cuz vocabulary shows nothing. :\ Your language is brute too I guess. Dont want fairfight? Maybe we should make a new PVP server then, 'Fair PVP' sounds good. Fun PVP etc. No fun in outnumbering, tag exploiting and hiding. Cheaters are less problem than these mices, actually. Safe zones are useless tbh. We should remove them comletely. You will have to surrender if you are outnumbered. Naturally u dont want to retreat as you are a fair player and looking for fun, not hide and seek or catchme. U won't get anything from this fight as you will lose your ship, even by sanking half of enemy's fleet. Plus your allies wont be able to join. GG WP. Looks like exploit to me.
  9. As this title says we have to rework PVP completely. >5 Seconds invisibility after battle >No "need for speeed" buffs after battle. >Posibility to join battle no matter when did it start. Result : No more tagging ratties hiding in the nearest bay. Damage system: Now 1 leak can literally sink you ship! Fun! (% critical hit) I dont want to play with cowards/against such players. They are boring and dumb. Not even going side-to-side like gentlemen, instead they usually dogfight like my Husky chasing his tail. Is it so hard just to be fair and straight? No way this could happen in real life. Some ships are well, having wrong turning rate, comparing to reality. Who cares? So the issue so far is that these cowards are outnumbering you. And you will lose fight because well, you know they simply won't go side-to-side and fairfight. So naturally your gaming skill means nothing cuz you are outnumbered. You have to flee as a coward or die from these cowards like a hero. Anyway - no fun. No fun completely. Spend 2 weeks crafting your ship again. *Sigh* As these cowards wont even give you your ship back. Rude dumbs. So game will change if tagging will take 5 seconds(not 15) but for example my lads will enter the battle latter. (Battle is closed usually with no reasons) Reduce all this PVE timers on PVP server please. We dont need them here. Just bad folk using these timers to flee/outnumber fair people playing. I usually just surrender when I see an armada tagged me and there is no allies close. Of course when my help arrived the battle is closed. GG devs, GG! GG WP. Thanks PVE timers! Even though I have the fastest ship in game. Make a cooldown on tag. You can tag player only once in 30 seconds. Tag will last for 5 seconds and result in a fight. Open fight. PVE will still be closed. As pve is farm usually. Now fight will start with the same sail position as players had entering the combat. Open world half-sails? Then a battle will start for you with the same Half-Sails. PVE servers: Duels/Fleet fights. When both sides agree to a fight, a mark on the map will appear, a circle for a fair fight. Closed battle for dueling players only. Same with fleet battles/only clan members can take part in event. [Right Mouse Button on a player's nickname 'Duel' > 'Select a spot on the map for a duel location'] No tag and other thing, by entering the circle you enter the battlefield. Battlesea. Same for armadas. Thus, PVE server will grow in online from PVP server players migration. Honestly it is the only way to make this game better. PVP is boring and unfair right now.
  10. sometimes, 85 angle not enough, you cant predict everything. Even I cannot. Cuz my intuition is a legend. As I write above - it's not about playing manner but about ultra accuracy. Bot never miss on big distance, that is weird. Always aiming like less than a second. I'm not playing low level ships, as for me - frigate is a big boat, ye? Dont nerf, just fix. In a fleet battles, actually, bots win always thanks to my allies are stupid and blind(shooting me, ramming me with no reason,blocking an enemy from my shots,etc) plus their high accuracy and smart moves. If u damage ai's left side more than 50% - it will hide left side. Not so stupid enemy. Someone said - keep stern, but wtf. Actually, stern is not a big deal, you cant sink with 0% stern. Good idea to keep tank with your stern, though. Someone said that bots miss a lot. When? Can you add these bots to my missions? Cuz my bots miss 1/6 max. They begin to miss shots on a close range. As it's easy to dodge there. Dodging on 200+ goves 0 effect. Playing with Renommee "best ship to bounce shots" dunno, ai penetrating me almost always. 70 angle. Maybe just Renommee not as op as youtube says, maybe ai have a great penetration. But, trust me. Yes, 6 class - is good for rebound. Not 5. So forget about bouncing, try tank with stern, some ships have strongly protected rudder, so you lost nothing. Back to aiming - 20 hits out of 20 ~300 m. Is it ok? I have 3 of 14 shot hit(yeah, bounce at 0 angle + random waves blocking a ball) Coincidence? Surely - not. Not sure if all of you are super lucky or super blind. Or mb random hates me. But I hope it's not just me. Dont nerf, just fix.
  11. As far as i get it - We need only level to craft now. I hope lvl system wont change. Like 20 level = Renommee etc
  12. Greetings, Closer to case - we have fast and heartless AI wich need 0 seconds to aim and 0 seconds to count the angle/speed/distance/waves/penetration. Moreover ai is incredibly overpowered on 200+ m distance. Even though AI is bad at a close range - it is good at shooting on a big one. Thread is not about sailing or tactics, cuz tactics against AI is always the same atm. Get as close as you can, dodge and shoot. We should make ai less accurate. Cuz 23 hits out of 23 on 200 m. are too many. Very good aim. Add some time to aim(bot aim is 0 secs atm) at least 2 secs or more. Good day there, <3 may the Northern seas bless you. Harsh Winter
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