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  1. Full port battles and more port battles are better than empty port battles and no port battles. Apologies if I have misunderstood but: Don't design the game for current (low) server pop. Design a good game for higher pop and people will buy/play. "Build it and they will come"
  2. Please share your fitting for this Surp and I will try it out
  3. Hullabaloo 'The Thief'

    Admiralty Connection DLC Suggestion

    There's nothing wrong with your idea but I can't agree simply because any ptw dlc is a mistake imo. DLC should be cosmetic only. Owners already have an advantage, so this would just make things worse.
  4. Nice idea, will make Nassau patrol a bit more varied perhaps and will give people without DLC a bit more of a competitive chance against Herc in shallows. But fact remains these ships are still inferior to Herc and shallow water PBs will be dominated by PTW-DLC again and that will be a step backwards. I'm no expert and I havn't checked the BR PB maths, but I can't see them being used much for any other reason. Everything else is welcome though.
  5. Hullabaloo 'The Thief'

    Encore une suggestion de développement

    I used google translate, its fine. I liked a lot of the ideas, particularly in section 5 Although I would be pretty upset by it, I like the idea of losing a ship in a super storm! You should experience the storm gradually though and have some way of knowing it was coming so you could sail around or Port up until it passed. If you suddenly heard a thunderclap and your ship sank, that would be horrible. It would need to be a pretty rare event too I think I read somewhere on an admin post that some of the special AI like passenger transport ships are indeed being developed! (although perhaps I dreamt it). Can 2 x 5th rates take down a 1st rate? (with a competent captain). I'd take on a 2 x 5th rates in a Bellona (and I'm not v good). Seems to me the 1st rate would win most times as it is? (particularly with 68pd carros in the back) I might be wrong though. I'm not sure exactly what the existing problem is that you are trying to improve? (perhaps that got lost in the translation).
  6. Hullabaloo 'The Thief'

    We want outlaw battles!

    Reinforcement zones should remain, they are essential for new players and 'outlaw' tags should not be allowed inside them. That should be a given. The fact is, many new players want to be Pirate, it's understandable they want to do that, they don't listen to warnings and play pirates anyway (we know that now) and last time new players got slaughtered every time they popped their heads out of MT, I wouldn't want to return to that. (It's good that we have dickheads in the game, so we can test what they do). A new 'outlaw' faction? It would be a very powerful and over populated faction, they would brawl with each other one day and then the next get together and take every port on the map I think. Any one nation that allowed outlaw battles I would instantly join. Personally I've never understood the whole green on green concept full stop. I am mystified as to why you can't just shoot who you like in any battle, but that's for another thread I think. But protecting new players form just being easy prey for bored PvPers is paramount imo.
  7. Hullabaloo 'The Thief'

    We want outlaw battles!

    Do it now! Come on @admin ALL NATIONS can have outlaw battles. hello kitty it, get rid of green on green too for a bit and just let players decide who they want to shoot at in the battle instance. Imagine the confusion with the new flag DLC! It would be bloody brilliant! server pop would be 2000 the very next day! No one's playing atm anyway, would give the server pop a temporary boost until wipe and we can see what happens Shit, it's probably only 10 minutes of coding! Lets TEST IT!!!
  8. Hullabaloo 'The Thief'

    Missions looting of ports

    Nice idea. I didn't quite understand the mechanics of it though. There would be a cost to the Port owner yes? They would have to lose something equal to the amount that was gained, otherwise it would be abused. Shooting at buildings would be a bit boring too I think, would be good to have some ai ships involved. Perhaps an Indiaman full of the loot, sitting in the bay in range of the guns protected by some frigates, that has to be capped and sailed away? Port owners can 'defend' by recapturing it? something like that. These are the kinds of things needed in this game, more stuff to do.
  9. Hullabaloo 'The Thief'

    Idea for NEW RvR/Hostility system

    Agreed. Tbf, I understand why devs have done this. It has to be a 'hard' thing to do, requiring a concerted effort from a large group of players, otherwise some geezer who has only been playing for a week can just rock up to a port in a Herc and set up a PB and players need some notice that a PB is going to happen. But there's got to be a better system than the current one. Game needs a system like the one I have described (or a completely different one) that gives people something to do, gets everyone involved in RvR and gives a purpose to their actions (trading, missions and PvP) other than JUST grinding for slots or money. People talk about player retention and making it better for new players and that is important. But all the players I have spoken to who have stopped playing the game have cited this, lack of any purpose, as the reason they stopped playing. They have already bought the game though I suppose, but if 'potential' players hear of a system of warring nations that they can take part in, no matter how 'small' they are, then they are more likely to buy it. Atm if you are not a member of one of the big clans and/or you are not in the PB fleet then RvR has absolutely nothing to do with you (save the odd screening battle).
  10. Hullabaloo 'The Thief'

    Perk Re-Work

    I like this: It would introduce even more complexity to ship fitting and theory crafting which is good yes. But the downsides? A kind 'optimal' perk setting for any given ship/fit would develop and everyone would then replicate it, and so there would actually be less variation? In the current way you have to judge your overall play style and activities and try and set perks for multiple possibilities/situations. (I only ever change my perks if I have a PB anyway). Your toon is set up for pvp, but you want to do a quick trade run. Do you pay the doubloons to reset your perks and carry more cargo, go faster, have stronger sails or do you just yolo it as is? This choice would be removed. Is that a good thing? How would you integrate non-ship specific perks into this? Like the crafting ones? You would end up having a 'crafting cutter' which you would jump into when ever you wanted to craft? (or a 'Fishing Victory' lol )
  11. Hullabaloo 'The Thief'

    Idea for NEW RvR/Hostility system

    DISCLAIMER: I don't hold any illusions that any of this will be considered but with server numbers as they are it is actually more fun to theorise about the game than it is to play it! Feel free to criticise and pick holes/exploits but please don't focus on the actual values, they are theoretical only, they would of course need to be tweaked (probably according to server numbers). This took me about 15 mins to come up with (took longer to type it up). Please don't be too rude, it's just for fun! If you're not interested, don't read it. Major Changes: Hostility is attributed to the port itself (no longer any particular clan). It is NOT reset after maintenance but reduces by 10% per day. It is a permanent but ever-changing attribute of every port. Hostility caps at 100% (so after daily maintenance the highest a Port can be is 90%). How Ports gain hostility: 1. TRADING Whenever a player buys something from an ENEMY port they have the choice to pay the tax or not. If they elect to pay tax - normal If they elect NOT to pay the tax they get the smugger flag 'contraband goods'. 'Contraband' status stays attached to the cargo (so anyone carrying any of the smuggled cargo has the status). If you have a smuggler flag you are unable to call reinforcements (and ai will not come to help you if you are tagged) The cargo becomes 'non-contraband' as soon as it enters an Outpost warehouse in a friendly port or is sold in a shop. For every 1000 reals of tax 'avoided' the Port gains 1% hostility. Any 'contraband' captured by a player friendly to the port, they can either destroy it (reverts the % hostility and tax reward is paid by admiralty) OR sell it back to a friendly port shop (same reward + the sale). (If you had an outpost in the port the goods would have to be sold directly from the ship's hold, otherwise it would cease to be contraband). The higher the hostility of a port the higher the chance of it's trade good drops occurring. 2. PvP Ports gain hostility from nearby PvP activity. But different from current system: Hostility is raised according to the port only (not a specific clan) and only players and ai 'friendly' to the port count towards the %. % would be 0.1% x BR of ship sunk: so sinking a L'coean would add 0.8%. 3. PVE The higher the hostility of a port, the more AI fleets it spawns. Sinking them adds to hostility in same way as PvP (or less perhaps, say 50%) PvE Missions Hostility 'kill' missions can be pulled for an enemy port (in current way). But these are the same as current kill missions and these missions pay a doubloon reward: Reward = 1 Doubloon x every 10% of ports hostility x 10% of BR Eg.1 you pull a mission for an enemy port that has 20% hostility and sink a Surprise, you get 2 x 14 = 28 Doubloons Eg.2 you pull a mission for an enemy port that has 50% hostility and sink a Agga, you get 5 x 24 = 120 Doubloons Eg.3 you pull a mission for an enemy port that has 90% hostility and sink a L'Ocean, you get 9 x 80 = 720 Doubloons Eg.4 you pull a mission for an enemy port that has 0% hostility and sink a L'Ocean, you get 1 x 80 = 80 Doubloons Further more: battles stay open for varying times depending on the Ports % hostility. So if you run a kill mission on a port that is at 90% hostility then the battle stays open for 9 minutes to players who are friendly to the port. So PvP will be easier to find near high hostility ports. This would apply to OW tags too so the possibility for ganking/escalation rises near high hostility ports and would allow friendlies (to the port) to defend more easily. Once a Port has reached 100% hostility it is open to an Enemy Clan to pull the final hostility missions to set up the PB if they want to (timer applies). So a second type of PB creating mission would need to be created. If the Port changes hands, hostility is reverted to 50% (so it can't immediately be taken back). Advantages A dynamic system where PvP, PvE and Trading affects the gameworld. Naturally draws players towards certain ports for higher PVE rewards, better chance of finding PvP, more trading opportunities. Introduces some 'economic warfare' dynamics and smaller clans and solo players can take part in RvR. Players could be encouraged to target specific ports in Nation chat. National players could group together and sail off to 'farm' enemy ports. You might even get 'smuggling convoys'. More long term strategy involved in taking enemy ports. Most of the code for this has already been done: Hostility/contraband goods/Missions etc. It doesnt mess around with current tagging rules, anyone still can and will tag any enemy player. You can still keep the current patrol zones (if you must, but personally I think they are crap) Disadvantages You tell me, all you exploiters, farmers and multiple alt owners out there, why wouldn't this work, how would you exploit it? Remember, it's just for fun
  12. Hullabaloo 'The Thief'

    Contract window bug.

    Yes, I have same problem. When Placing a contract and I click the down arrow on either the 'Item' or 'Type' field, it is not possible to drag the scroll bar down with the mouse to scroll the list. As soon as I click the list disappears again displaying the first item in the list (Resources, Almeria Saltpeter). I have to use the mouse scroll wheel. All other lists in the UI allow me to drag and pull down to scroll.
  13. Hullabaloo 'The Thief'

    Time spent playing NA Follow up post

    I've got kids around (quite big kids so they don't need much attention) but I need to be at home a lot so they don't burn it down or have a massive party and I work from home too. This game is perfect for me cos I can do RL stuff and bits of work and play at the same time, afk and semi-afk. I've got 3.5k hours but only a fraction of that would be actual pvp or high concentration stuff. I have come across loads of people who are trading while they are at work. I think that is one of the positives of this game, you can do the trading and moving stuff around while you do are doing your RL stuff. This is why I'm a little concerned about the proposed aggressive ai, which might prevent that.
  14. Hullabaloo 'The Thief'

    AI Boarding

    ok thanks guys, I guess I just didn't know the correct tactics
  15. Hullabaloo 'The Thief'

    Development plans update: 1 half of 2019

    Agreed. I am imagining I've been playing NA till too late at night (I got into a PvP battle at the end that went on for an hour). Finally I win the battle (I have a wild imagination) and start to sail back to a friendly port. The port is in sight, I say good night to my clan mates, start closing apps and get up and let the doggo out for a piss. Sit back down to port up and log out and I've been tagged by AI!!!. So that's another 30 mins just sailing away until it stops tagging me. Pointless. I just want to go to bed. Most of the time I just want to get to where I am going, and I really don't enjoy PvE (it's a grind to open ship knowledge, and that's it). I do NOT want to be getting tagged by AI every time I want to go somewhere and I want to be able to get around while I'm doing RL stuff. For me, playing this game depends upon some afk/semi afk sailing. If I get tagged by a player, that's fine, I can come back to PC and have a bit of PvP but an AI tag will be a frustrating waste of time. This will have to be implemented with great care. I would suggest any ship capable of 11+ knots is auto immune form AI tagging (or something along these lines).