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  1. the game died long ago but with these things it tops .... gifting Santa Cecilia as rededables with the least inconvenience we will prove the ship before the game definitely die
  2. Perfect from today, only Spanish ships will leave basic cutter to plant the panic in ports, as they are free and give us free way will be the time to do it ... so that we can build boats with these we are worth ... when the Brits will then change this .. no? Thank you x give us some legal ideas
  3. Seen the new boring system I must report the absolute nonexistence of action in the game .. This new system implemented makes the battles of port are totally ghostly, provided with pacts to be able to get marks of conquest, what makes that the game has nothing of interest and is boring. The exaggerated and expensive form of crafting of boats and the expensive ones that come added to the costly of obtaining the marks for the levels of 3 lines 2 and 1º makes that these pacts are the day to day of the game because nobody wants to risk their boats, although Be a low cost frigate. Pvp is focused on the gankeo against solitary players (5 vs 1) that at the moment they lose their boat (Indefatigable) stop playing as impossible to recover the money to be able to have another of similar characteristics ... In short the game does not provide what most players are looking for because of the excessive and expensive way in which it is oriented and in this way only (1 nation = 1 clan) has life in this game .. The system of traders with these changes is not worth carrying materials between ports to have a minimum profit and with the constant gankeos to the carriers nobody and I say well no one wants to travel 2 hours to have a profit so minimal .. Thank you and I hope to solve it for the sake of many players
  4. estoy buscando grumetes para iniciarlos en las tareas de limpieza , desde marzo que avisaron del wipe no he entrado al juego y tengo todos los barcos bastante sucios ... a ver si alguno se presta a la limpieza de cañones , desplegado de velas y y mástiles limpios .. y si tiene tiempo que le limpie los sables a los marines .. gracias pd: joder como me aburro intrépido tu no ok?
  5. The problem is not to unlock the slot .. the problem is that when you go to have it unlocked they tell you that there will be a wipe or some change on that .. and what you have done is not worth anything ... that is the real problem .. As it is an early access your work does not count .. imagine that you take 1 year to reach a santisima and when you are going to "have it" conditions tell you .. will see a wipe ... lol many players will tell you is a game Alpha you can not complain
  6. When first say you at the end of March that it will be a wipe and what you're going to continue to do is not worth nothing (money, ships, etc.) because you will not return to it and tell you the day April 19 will be the day of change... arriving that day, alert you that it will not be possible and in principle you think (little serious are) but you have patience to wait for 1 or 2 weeks more... but when you are back to say that you for the day may 15 if that will be the expected day and you say that it will not be possible to patience, desire, and even the illusion is removed you... This is due to the lack of seriousness that we have in this game and how deceived we are all...
  7. But that makes a player and there he puts what he wants ... in that I'm also helping and correcting bugs but because we do not give the developers? And another thing this of having to raise 2 million exp to have a santisima 5 slots is going to get us hands ... it is a work of Chinese ... before we get to have someone make us another wipe and all the work done Removed .. anyone is trusting these people .. from April 19 we go to May 15 and I bet whatever it is that they do not open on May 15 .. in order with these things people are leaving that is normal being boss Do you have to start with a basic cutter? Has no logic .... if you start from a surprise to do that well you still tolerate it .. but there are people who have to play 1 or 2 hours those people are not going to upload the upgrades .. they will get tired and leave the game ..
  8. Can we facilitate that ships unblock the slots of the following? A technological tree or any reference for this? It is quite hateful not to know which boat you are going to ask for the next upgrade
  9. the pirate caribean hunt no esta mal para pasar un rato tiene mundo abierto pero juegas tu solo contra la IA .. tiene un sistema de batalla x niveles pvp que no esta mal no es el naval pero bueno es adictivo el pvp cada semana regalan barcos Premium si acabas entre los 10 primeros ... no es el naval action pero no tiene bugg ni desarrolladores pierde jugadores es un punto a favor
  10. wanting to promote pvp? come and do not give me laugh... If they wanted to promote pvp might not the useless tech tree... It is most people have work and have 2 3 hours up to... do you think that these people will be climbing boats from the cutter? that if it is to promote the pvp, which people say... Uncle come from work and I don't feel anything go with the cutter shit, pickle brig, I'm going to star citicen or someone else to hit shots... Bye they are getting much pvp if thats what I think Another very good way to get pvp is to ask a montonada of brands for craftear boats... Another good way to promote pvp come already
  11. Because if it is not excessive, you play to expect them to have hours of work to play 1 hour decently, because I do not ..... these changes so that we are on top of the game 24 hours a day I believe that no one in their right mind is going To accept and it is what they pretend that the players spend the day here bored without action .. the only thing I am checking is that they care very little the players and just worry about putting things more difficult as if that attracted players and not the Frighten .... it is my opinion the game was well before was only to change the hours of battle of port with European and American schedules and are making people go to other games .. But his answer is what is .. with 30 players we have left ... and that will stay in the end
  12. I find it excessive that the repair kit and the rum in an amount of 160 units consume the following - 640 iron ingots + 800 planks = 500 working hours When 1 unit of repair kit only repairs 100 of structure .. I find it very excessive 500 hours = 160 repair = 16,000 life = 1 total repair of a first line Collect all the materials would be about 200k gold, .. The same goes for the rum and the repair candles To leave port with some time I have to spend about 1500 hours in repairs The same q build a first class boat .... I think it is good that there is economy .. but it seems to me well that there are battles
  13. Any information regarding the day of opening of new servers? Many old players ask for some date that is final .. while you work hard to make a stable and new server .. Many players lose interest in the game because they do not give definitive data or any exact date .. the loss of players is being worrying on the part of the players that we remain "active" ... It would be a good idea to give a date for the opening and not to make the community more nervous Thank you
  14. I seriously? I hope it's not a wipe and start from scratch... I had wait 100 hours of craft to click and have a victory
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