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  1. Polish Privateer

    LGF refit

    Still waiting...
  2. А как насчет гранат и палубных пушек?
  3. Polish Privateer

    100th anniversary of regaining independence

    I haven't noticed that, nice catch. Personally, I see no issues with the building itself. It's not promoting communism in any way and its part of the history.
  4. Polish Privateer

    NPC Fleet Routes

    This is the old screenshot: Can you post an updated version like that?
  5. Polish Privateer

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Battle at Tantun Cuzamil, Brits had Mortar Brig on their side + Fort with Towers actively shooting Russo-Prussian side:
  6. Polish Privateer

    Black Veil Griefing

    Defensive tags were discussed thousands of times and many players consider it griefing too Hence thousands of suggestions to "fix" defensive tags on the forum during the past years. Answering the second question of Heth, Tribunal doesn't work. We have dozens of topics about "kiting", "griefing" and other game abuses being "under review" for the past weeks, if not months. Answering Black Veil, you tagged 1 Bucentaure (Ragey) and losing your HP does not mean that you were fighting. You pretty much left instantly when you could. As a result that Bucentaure was out of the chase. Later on, you tagged me, did not fire a single broadside and left (meaning I was out of chase too). Everyone knows that what you have done is dragging us into battle instance so we cannot engage the convoy and the striking fact is that you did not take the fight in any of the 2 given situations. Many players will call it a "valid tactic", others will call it "griefing". All we can do is wait for the verdict of game developers and present the facts of these events and actions of the players.
  7. Polish Privateer

    Please add a functionality to sort clanlists

    We have no such problems in Prussia, but I agree that overall Clan Windows need new UI as well. They remained unchanged.
  8. Polish Privateer

    Question (looting system sucks)

    AI is cheating having an unfair advantage because they always have 50+ prep at all times. They don't lose that much crew like a player with boarding on. They reload all guns normally with marines and boarding on. They manual sail normally with these crew numbers. Final fact: if the player wants to board enemy when sinking, he needs to turn off survival at the end, because survival has priority to crew and player is unable to get 50/100 prep. Turning off survival makes you sink faster. AI with 90% water or more, full survival on, can still pull for boarding.
  9. Polish Privateer

    Black Veil Griefing

    I will leave that question for admin to define griefing
  10. Polish Privateer

    Black Veil Griefing

    I did not put them out of context. I quoted the entire message and I linked the source (topic) so no such bias like your post will be here. It makes no difference that topic is related to port battles, admin clearly states that players entering the battle (not PB) are supposed to fight. Starting battles with no intent to fight is griefing. On top of that, we have trolling in global chat. carry on.
  11. Polish Privateer

    Black Veil Griefing

    1. One ship had BR difference, other ships were catching up. 2. Trinc would just run away from SOLs without a fight. 3. Trinc was not the target, the convoy was. 4. We don't complain about protecting convoys, but Trinc griefing. If Trinc would fight me (as I stated in chat) I wouldn't complain or report him.
  12. Polish Privateer

    Black Veil Griefing

    Read again what admin has written in the quote above Join a fight - try to fight. His intentions were not to fight, just to waste time and protect trader but keeping the player in battle, without shooting. That was clear trolling and griefing.
  13. Polish Privateer

    Grape does not reset timer

    EliteDelta claims that his enemies have escaped while he graped them only.
  14. Polish Privateer

    Grape does not reset timer

    As title says, reported earlier by @EliteDelta
  15. Polish Privateer

    Black Veil Griefing

    Quoting admin from the very old tribunal topic: source link: https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/17643-very-suspicious-behaviour-in-pb/ + added additional evidence for the case.