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  1. I'm interested in joining a Spanish nation clan for PvP on the new Global Server that works in English.  Never worked in an online clan before, but want to see the Spanish nation succeed on the new server.  I know teamwork will be necessary so I a game to assist.  Coming over from five weeks play on the PvE server, so not completely new to Naval Action.


    Windhammer, Legionario Americano


    1. Teutonic


      Hey windhammer! I will actually be joining the Swedish nation with some olds friends, but I know some friends who will be in the spanish nation. I will get a hold of them for you.

    2. Windhammer


      Thank you Teutonic!  Sorry for the late reply.  I've been playing on the PvP 2 Server for a couple weeks now for Spain and have learned much from my PvP encounters.  I prefer PvP to PvE at this point.  Can't really see myself going back to PvE after all the PvP adrenaline rushes...I would really like to play Spain on the new Global Server if a viable English language or Spanish with sympathies toward non-Spanish members.  Also looking at France's SINK if I cant find a place with a Spanish based clan. 


      I've leveled up to craft level 39 as of today, looking to get to 45 now with the two week delay of the wipe.   I can run 650 crew at the moment, but just might make the 800 crew XP level before the wipe.


      I will be set up for TeamSpeak in the next week.  I appreciate any referrals you might make.





    3. Teutonic


      Funny how it works.

      The group I will be playing with, we have decided to play the French Nation on the global server onces the wip/patch happens. We will be with the SINK clan pvping everyone we can see. We should have a very good group for France.

      I am aware that I said I would contact some current players playing spain. There is actually a Discord server that all players are currently using, https://discord.gg/gQCkhmq

      that is the link to join it, You can find and tell who's going where and talk to other folks to get the general idea of how the server will go down. Keep in mind that the discord server has players from both Servers.

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