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  1. Now is steam did a trophy room for big picture then I would. lol
  2. I never play for the achievements unless being paid to do so
  3. And And if you don't want use names and keep a more organized Army then you can always use this example: 1st Div. 1st Bde.(Infantry) 1st Div. 2nd Bn. (artillery) 1st Div. 1st Cav. (Cavalry) 1st Div. 3rd SS. (sharpshooters) or SKM/Skirms. (Skirmishers)
  4. On notepad and there are two Vermont Brigade's https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Union_Army_brigades The Vermont and the 2nd Vermont Brigade, I just add 1st Vermont Brigade as a 3rd option and use the standard Vermont as a Brigade without a number. my 1st Corps for the Union lead by John Gibbon is known as the 1st "Iron" Corps as a tribute to the Iron Brigade here is the list: 1st Division: Me: C.C. Reasner 7 Brigades Iron Brigade Iron Brigade Iron Brigade of the East Iron Brigade of the West Iron Brigade of the North IRON BRIGADE OF THE SOUTH King's Iron Brigade Lincoln's Iron Brigade ____________________________________________ 2nd Division: Winfield Hancock: 4 Brigades 2 Battalions Black Hat Brigade King's Wisconsin Brigade The Black Hats Bragg's Iron Brigade 1ST IRON HOWITZERS 1ST IRON BATTALION ________________________________________ 3rd Division: John Reynolds: 4 Brigades 2 Battalions MICHIGAN IRON BRIGADE WISCONSIN IRON BRIGADE INDIANA IRON BRIGADE Cutler's Iron Brigade 2ND IRON BATTALION 2ND IRON HOWITZERS ______________________________________________ 4th Division: Joseph Hooker: 4 Brigades 2 Battalions U.S. MARINES IRON BRIGADE MEREDITH'S IRON BRIGADE GIBBON'S IRON BRIGADE The Iron Reserves 3RD IRON HOWITZERS 3RD IRON BATTALION __________________________________ I pretty much extended the Iron Brigade.
  5. Need help naming your brigades for historical accuracy or some custom names? Let me know what you think. Here are some helpful names: Confederate: 1.McGowan's Brigade 2.Brockenbrough's Brigade 3.Pettigrew's Brigade 4.Archer's Brigade 5. Scales' Brigade 6. Hood's Texas Brigade or Hood's Brigade and Texas Brigade 7. Western Confederate Brigade 8. Orphan Brigade 9. 1st Missouri Brigade 10. Stonewall Brigade or 1st Brigade or both 11. Alabama Brigade 12. Louisiana Tigers 13. Shelby's Iron Brigade (Cavalry) 14. Grey Wolves Brigade 15. Butternut Brigade 16.State Brigade (Virginia, Arkansas, etc) 17. Rebel's Brigade 18. 1776 Brigade 19. Blackbeard's Brigade (Yes the Pirate) 20. 1st- Brigade/Battalion/Volunteer/Regular/Reserve/etc 21. Lee's Brigade 22. Longstreet's Brigade 23. Cross Brigade 24. The Bloody Brigade 25. Red Brigade 26. Confederate Irish Brigade 27. Johnny Reb's Boys 28. Wild Hogs Brigade (Arkansas) 29. Old Horse Brigade (Cavalry) 30. Mississippi Brigade (Barksdale's Brigade) 31. Rattlesnake Brigade 32. (Your Name) Brigade 33. Sic Semper Tyrannis Brigade 34. Manassas Brigade or 1st and 2nd Manassas Brigade 35. Shenandoah Brigade 36. Washington's Brigade 37. Cardinal Brigade 38. Raven Brigade Union: 1.Vermont Brigade or 1st Vermont Brigade use both if wanted 2.2nd Vermont Brigade 3.Gibraltar Brigade 4.Philadelphia Brigade 5.Irish Brigade 6.Excelsior Brigade 7.Michigan Brigade (cavalry) 8. Lightning Mule Brigade 9. Lightning Brigade (mounted Infantry) 10. Iron Brigade/Eastern Iron Brigade/Western Iron Brigade 11. 1st- U.S. infantry/artillery/cavalry/sharpshooters 12. 1st- U.S. Volunteers 13. 1st- U.S. Reserves 14. 1st- U.S. Battalion 15. U.S. Marines 16. Lincoln's Brigade 17. State Brigades (Ohio, Indiana, New York, etc) 18. Highlander Brigade 19. Polish Legion (regiment from new york but it works) 20. German Legion 21. Fire Brigade 22. Blue Coats Brigade (British Brigade) 23. Celtic Brigade 24. Republican Brigade 25. Freedom Brigade 26. Eagle Brigade 27. Sumter Brigade 28. 1783 Brigade 29. America Brigade 30. Stars Brigade 31. California Column 32. Mississippi Marine Brigade 33. Spinola brigade 34. U.S. Horse Artillery Brigade 35. (Your Name) Brigade 36. Blue Jay Brigade 37. Crow's Brigade 38. Robin's Brigade
  6. I always wonder why only James Archer is the only Gen. that you can recruit from the government at the beginning of the game, I mean he only has one known reputation as being taken as a prisoner of war on the first morning of the Battle of Gettysburg, Archer was the first general officer captured from Gen. Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. So it be kinda nice if they can add more to the government, what are your thoughts? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_J._Archer
  7. Do you feel that there is a lack of Colonels and Generals at the start of the game? Let me know what you think.
  8. What do you think are the best weapons for each unit type? Let me know your opinion.
  9. But if you are outnumbered 5-1 and your only chance is your Brigade equipment, range, and damage mixed with their experience it helps turn the tide especially when on Hard/Legend where the enemy has weapons two years ahead.
  10. 1861 is not available for skirmisher's and infantry which have both used along with the three band rifle variant and I did use "future request".
  11. I accidently copied the 6pdr Wiard and the 12pdr together and the musketoon version of the Enfield 1861 both rifle (3 band rifle and 2 band musketoon) is not in the game as for the carbines would just be more interesting options to have.
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