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  1. Jgraves14

    J&P Rebalance + Surrender mod

    Finally got it to work. Had to have the mod folder under the main data tab.
  2. Jgraves14

    J&P Rebalance + Surrender mod

    So I'm not using GoG or Mac. I have the mod folder and I've tried moving around the contents from the there as well. I tried just putting the mod folder in Data>Managed and then I tried taking the contents out of the folder but still won't advance past loading screen.
  3. Jgraves14

    J&P Rebalance + Surrender mod

    So I've replaced the dll file and the resources file.
  4. Jgraves14

    J&P Rebalance + Surrender mod

    So I really want to download this mod but every time I replace the .dll the game won't open and I feel like I've tried everything to include uninstalling the game and then reinstalling it. Any ideas?
  5. Jgraves14

    Next update?

    Ok, so it looks like the campaign version IS now being tested from the screenshots earlier in the feed. So what's a likely timeline of release for the next update at this point? And a further question: what's the likelihood that the de de a might retroactively add a Chattanooga, Vicksburg, Atlanta, etc. to the campaign? Feels like the western theater is a little short on battles.