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  1. That would be because it doesn't work on the PVE server. Or, to be more precise, nor me neither anyone I've met so far has managed to get it to work. And to be honest, if Loki Rune is your idea of fair pvp..
  2. Indeed, I was also wondering why my question , asking if there are any plans for international cooperations in pve, was deleted from this thread
  3. A casual fighter / crafter, my dear white knight. My reference was simply to the ones who try to monopolize by money power, which is anything but friendly or what pve needs imo. And my comment was an answer to the admin, but nice try though.
  4. Competition for tax rights is just stuff for no life traders, much like contracts and so on, it is everything but friendly
  5. Looks like a great addition, thank you . Is there any news on npc aggression in open world instance?
  6. To the point that people who log in once a month will casually of course sink their ship because of their inability and then go on to craft a golden bellona at first try. Merit needs to be more rewarded. I'm sick and tired of casuals getting everything because of RNG
  7. 184 l'oceans, 7 purples, 0 golden. Not much else to add
  8. May we get a bit more details regarding such implementation, on PVE server for example?
  9. Have been said already by the devs, that it doesn't really belong to the PVE server. As long as I'm being given the chance to disable this "feature", as I'm sure plenty of others in the server will do as well, I can be fine with whatever suggestion is given on the matter. Personally I don't want to be bothered at all, I decide the target, first reason why I chose PVE and not PVP. Wanting npcs attacking you seems to wanting best of both worlds, a bit of excitement, but eased by the presence of AI instead of human attack forces. I'd say the game has plenty of other things to work on rather than this feature.
  10. Oh this is special indeed, how can PVE get more players if the devs ain't doing shit for it in the first place? I've seen people so confused from all the leftover from the PVP server that it's actually quite baffling how you can come up with statements like that.
  11. Hang in there a second, aside from the usual lateness in posting changes and roadmaps which we obviously got used to in these years, after the plethora of suggestions (some very well thought out) about NPC aggression ( enabling a flag to have more thrill or something) to which you Every Single Time answered with the usual "PVE isn't meant for this, it's all peace quiet and fluffy unicorns", you now come out , out of the blue, with it? Back and forth ain't tiring eh?
  12. Oh yes, generally we have plenty of time and excellent wind to go there and loot them while the other 560 AI are back there disintegrating your crew. We bring our repairs previa thinking of a fight, if you have to loot them, it's your own mistake.
  13. Short answer, I could have clan mates , noobs , or whoever, testing out the ships first hand and to teach them basic or advanced maneuvers and such, so they could get open world and fight readily. Talking PVE of course, but on PVP I imagine that would hopefully avoid those hardcore heroes from farming noobs outside capitals as much as they are. Addition: as they were, so no money gain, no xp gain, no loss, basically a simulative scenario.
  14. The new paints would be nice. A crafting implementation of port boni ( PvE) that doesn't have to rely on triple RNG ( finding an elite, getting a note, getting a good build), would also be neat, or at least something to make it less RNG. If not, decent building prices.
  15. "I bet I know more bout PVE than yall do" , look-at-me superiority complex. I do not know nor care in the slightest nor write about how or what should be done in PVP, as I know very little to nothing about it. What I, and we all care about, is for us to not be test rats and get the post results of stuff done to your server. If a solution is to be found, to get a single server (with different chats) and both communities happy, blimey, I'd be all up for it. As it is I just see pvp changes and people talking their asses about something they clearly fail to understand. OF COURSE normal npcs do not require an elite ship, but elite fleets of the highest level, I'm afraid do. And you want "end content" (single ship capping), or you settle for your average ultra costly rng-based crafting? Yep, thought as much.
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