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  1. 1. They may scale with your own, but what I have meant, you can always purchase them in limited amount unlike the enemy, whose weaponry is fixed for each battle with no factor that could influence it (I am not counting the minor battles before major engagement) 3. when you order your unit to "hold ground" I would expect it holds the ground by firing at someone nearby, not by keeping focus on fleeing enemy out of firing distance 5. that was not about cover or positioning. I saw my three star veteran unit in forest and on top of enemy being routed by forward charge of less experienced
  2. I have liked this game from the start very much, when the armies you had to handle were small. However it got worse and worse with every add on and I stopped playing it eventually. Here are some reasons why I start it only rarely now: - enemy has always better equipment - I noticed that it does not matter if I play union or confederate guys - while not observed your units behave like morons, not like veterans - your men usually start heroic chase after routed unit right into enemy fire instead of holding the line at least theoretically. Real class act. In the end I just ended up stop
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