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  1. yes I totally agree if they want us to start working together let everyone join battles they should make it so that the person has the right to loot the ship they sink because them to allow this is no different then selling items etc for real money they encouraging stealing to happen in the game which is not right I can see this and I have heard people of left the game because of trolls something needs to be done I have seen players come to battles to steal loot but if you jump in on theres hell breaks loose this needs to be fixed pronto
  2. Just like to inform we need a lot tuffer mechanics on who can enter battles I getting tired of people from other nations coming in and stealing loot because this interfering with my game play specially this player as in the picture below. https://imgur.com/a/TjwlGGa this need to be looked at right away because if this keeps happening players will leave because you letting this happen and wont be fair for playing trying to have fun and play properly
  3. to me I think the devs need to make tuffer rules like 1 account per user in the past 3 days I seen 6 bots at 1 time slow sailing around navasse just going in circles which there is no need for it a lot of games cracked down on this I don't see why naval action cant either take playing and items off good legit players like me
  4. yes I noticed what line I copied so the question is did the DPS (damage per second) get changed because I been hitting ships same as always noticed I been taking more dmg then usually and not doing much back like I used to ?
  5. After the later patch was released I have notice a massive changed to the cannons DPS when I fire on the (AI) I now notice not sure with all cannons but with the poods I not doing the DMG that I used to because off this line BELOW "Tuned the volume of powder in the magazines based on ship guns and weights of powder (sustained DPS)" seem's the POOD's no longer use there full force like they use to I been hitting AI like crazy and finally done a first rate ship today had my baby sunk too because my cannon's are hitting less then what they should just seems to me why bring something into the game have it say what the cannon can do then nerf them it defeats the purpose i'm sure back in the day they didn't go around saying to the enemy this ( CAN YOU PLEASE USE PILLOW'S INTO YOUR CANNONS BECUASE THEY HIT HARD) matter of owning the sea back in the day. now I been impressed with the game for the past 5- 6 yrs never thought it go down this road this was the first time in 5 yrs I had to register and create account here so I could leave this post sad really because I enjoyed playing this game now looks like my l'ocean hits like a basic cutter I been on games when things been nerf'd before the game's have lost a lot I mean a lot of players over it. I think the gunpowder/magazine should be put back to what it was or I can see people like me leaving because of this I had few reports off people because of the DPS change I think this to be resolved quickly cheers from BigAaron
  6. I like how my post has been hidden I guess they don't like the truth it my whole point they screwed the game if this gets hidden they already lost another player already I should be able to leave comments like everyone else
  7. This will never work you have not done anything yet people are complaining you really screwed the game over im sorry but you have no free ports or ship buildings allowed in PvE zones come on. Think its time you guys wake up and fix the game all on been reading on here is EVE this EVE that this aint EVE stop copying other games this suppose to be 1700 -1800 century why got the name NAVAL ACTION what your doing might aswell call it NAVAL FUTURE when I seen the video for this game I like the graphics and how it is done right now. Shows and feels like they really did back in these times but like I said I have a look after wipe etc but if this game is hello kittyED anyway good thing (Train Sim World) just been released
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