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  1. Le calme avant la tempête.
  2. Maybe show what ship the person and his sailing and having the national flag like in the battles. There are a few dozens ships but only 7 flags, so it wouldn't be too much learning, especially for new players. It also requires you're active attention to spot what flag it is and creates tension.
  3. "Désolé, nous autres omelette du fromage ne parlons pas la langue étrangère." "The Swedish refinement processes in shipbuilding are unsurpassed and will greatly improved our ships performances." Best translation ever. +1
  4. Economy warfare and blockades of ports is an interesting feature, I hope they consider it. Of course, there's the wipe coming, but it might be a cool addition in 3-4 months.
  5. How will the initial landowners be decided? Are they gonna be picked at random throughout the active players?
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