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  1. Capt William

    When is testbed closing

    When is the testbed server closing? When will we recieve our Santa Cecelia & 5 paint chests?
  2. Where did the testbed go?
  3. Capt William

    Missing combat marks

    Hey, I converted 3 Victory Marks into 300 Combat Marks. I did not recieve the 300 Combat Marks. Nevermind....they went to my warehouse.😊
  4. Capt William

    Connectivity Issues

    Ive been disconnected twice in 1 hour time span.
  5. Capt William

    Missing pvp mark & 300000 Gold

    I do not see the rewards on my Naval Action account for the 2 battles in my Bellona.
  6. Capt William

    Missing pvp mark & 300000 Gold

    I participated in 2 battles on 7/9/2018 on the caribbean server. One battle was pvp the other battle was pve. I did not recieve my pvp mark or the 300000 gold from the 2 battles. I was in my Bellona with a group of Bellonas' & Pirate Frigates for the 2 battles.
  7. Capt William

    Technical problems and bugs

    I was in my Bellona for the 2 battles....one battle was a pvp battle...the other battle was a pve battle outside La Tortue on the caribbean server. I recieved no pvp mark or 300000 gold for the 2 battles.
  8. Capt William

    Technical problems and bugs

    I am missing a pvp mark & approximately 300000 gold from 2 battles on the Caribbean server.
  9. So...you worried bout getting ganked? With more people playing on the server? Cmon man.....its part of the game get gud.
  10. So, we keep everything....& the population grows. Do it....do it now.
  11. Wipe coming soon? Yeah, been waiting....starting to lose faith that this wipe will ever happen.
  12. Capt William

    Ship wipe - coming soon!

    Are you advising us to break all our current ships up to gather materials?
  13. Capt William

    Ship wipe - coming soon!

    Please dont forget about the USS Pennsylvania in the next patch.