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  1. Will clan leaderboard be fixed in coming patch? Or, if it is already working, how does it work? Thanks
  2. I was always a champion of the nations system, but... with the way the game is going, are we ready to switch to complete clan system yet?
  3. Hello I ask here for more detailed descriptions of chests I opened an admiral chest the other day and received something along the lines of 1x northern carpenters (basic), 1x guacata gunpowder (basic), 1x deck guns upgrade (the particular upgrade I do not recall, but it was one of the most basic ones), and 1x pavel permit (I am on holiday at the moment so cannot check exactly what I got... but if devs want to look for whatever reason it's in my Ayamonte warehouse) This seems worse than silver chest loot... what should we expect from the different chest classes?
  4. here is the first half no new info, just adding my own opinions to the pile was a comment in the “Forthcoming patch info” thread
  5. Hello - I believe my post was deleted Moderated content removed....again. You should know better. - H. Darby This seems a moderate post with valid points. May I ask why it was deleted?
  6. Feudalism

    admiral chests

    I was told that admiral chests do not yet have loot tables - is this true?
  7. What we know is that your ‘class’ system is flexible - part of the reason they’re not called rates anymore, I imagine. Constitution, indefatigable, wasa, renommee, Hercules - all have been multiple classes and may still move again. What isn’t flexible is ‘lineship’ and ‘frigate.’ I will update this post with evidence when I return home, but can safely say now that your new dlc ship is a lineship by all standards. So far, you have chosen the most off-topic comments to respond to and have engaged in petty quibbling, and you are making the wrong point here
  8. Well, the pirate frigate should kill a prince. If your prince isn't catching a trader's brig, either he isn't carrying anything and is completely speed modded or your prince is lo/wo and you want it to be 15kts
  9. a screenshot of private chat in the screenshot Woodpecker posted
  10. also, how was he seal clubbing against an ingermanland with at least one Essex in support? Unless you call yourself a noob (a noob with art of cargo.). I imagine there would not have been an engagement if there were not at least a few more ships there, though edit: forwarded to me by an unhappy Brit Was a message where you said “Some decent sailors lost their ships. Not noobs. Basically the KPR defense fleet got smashed to pieces last night. Twice.”
  11. Hello devs and players, In this post, I ask for the flag which can be purchased via doubloons in the US nation to be changed. I understand that flag DLC comments are supposed to be posted in that thread, but this suggestion concerns the flag purchasable in-game. I thought it better to create a topic with space to discuss this particular change. Anyway, I believe that the 50k doubloon flag we have now (the Betsy Ross flag) is only really appealing for its status. I cannot find an image of a US man of war carrying the Betsy Ross flag, and am not sure if one ever did. Instead, I have found flags similar, but with a central star surrounded by a square formation of stars instead of a circle or some of the standard 15, 13 star flags. My hope is that this flag might be replaced with the famous "Don't Give Up The Ship" flag. It was, I grant you, flown at the masthead, but the Betsy Ross flag was never flown at all on a ship (to my knowledge.) Furthermore, the "Don't Give Up The Ship" flag carries a far greater value for the US player historically, given that it carries the immortalized dying words of Lawrence aboard Chesapeake. Those words would become a prideful motto of the US Navy and would fly above USS Lawrence at Lake Erie, seeing her through such fierce fighting until her final broadside. I, for one, would much prefer to fly this flag from the ensign staff or anywhere else. It is worth the 50k doubloons, far more so than the Betsy Ross flag (though they both have their place in history, the Betsy Ross flag has a more land-based legacy, while my proposed flag is important to the navy.) Thank you!
  12. IMO: I think the low BR reinforcement change is too extreme. Perhaps 5-10 minutes if we must have the feature. Outside free ports, PvP is just a waiting game until more players join the battle. It's discouraging to anyone without an endless supply of ships - either you will be sunk by overwhelming forces joining or your kill will be stolen. Edit: Many of the good PvP players who were providing feedback were banned. I hope their bans are reviewed and recanted
  13. Hello all, I am operating at the moment under the understanding that the Pandora DLC will function like the Hercules and Requin DLCs. Before this DLC is released, can we not revisit the terrible troubles stemming from the Hercules and Requin DLCs? Honestly, I would pay to have them removed. In my humble opinion, the last thing this game needs is another redeemable ship. In fact, with the backlash for the Hercules and Requin DLCs, I am surprised that the developers would offer this new DLC to testers. Thank you for the offer, but I must respectfully decline. Hercules and Requin are p2w. They cost no resources, no doubloons, no reales: the economy is undermined when players do not need to buy resources or pay builders for top ships. They are top of their class and dominant in RvR, high BR or no. After the ship wipe, we will see a Herc and Req storm as everyone rides off these free superships. In my opinion, we do not need another. So, can we just have a free Pandora permit, or maybe a free Pandora skin? Only available to EA testers? Thank you for reading.
  14. My one wish before release is that trees get better textures
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