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  1. I don't like them. None of them. I have zero slot on them, in fact zero XP on any of these ships. And not at all interested in developing XP on them. People and developers have to admit the fact that some players will never be found of using big tanks, otherwise I would play World of Tanks. Some players have stats similar to mine: I have presently 4000+ hours in game on my main account. I have zero XP in any 1st rate. I have no 1st rate on my docks. I have zero XP in any 2nd rate. I have no 2nd rate on my docks. I have zero XP in any 3rd rate. I have one Wasa
  2. I never understood really the reason for permit wall. I read that this is for limiting the number of big ships in the open world. As a result, only 1st rates, Christians, Wasas ans Trincs can be seen. Great variety! Great achievement of permitting... But this is absolutely normal, and players can't be blamed, because all recent content is made for big ships only, preferably 1st rates: PB's in which 1st rates only can come in (for max BR reasons), raids, NPC PB's are for 1st rates only. All new content is for 1st rates only. Smaller ships are all sentenced to death. Nerfing tra
  3. @Ferdinand de LaSalle, this message is for you! @beall2022 You can contact in game "Ferdinand de Lasalle", he is in FROG clan, an English speaking clan in France.
  4. That's true too. Probably some players made errors yesterday: not entering in battle when being tagged, not informing others in TS. Maybe the same in Roseau. I ever got the case of being tagged just out of a port, going to battle without attack notice and seeing later (TAB) that I wasn't dragged in someone else battle, but just attacked and information not given by game. Shit happens. What was new, at least for me, yesterday was the fist time I saw a screening fleet (and the one of the second nation in RVR ranking) being unable to enter in fight. No offense here to any nation in-gam
  5. In Little Cayman, the Russian screen was so strong that the British screen could not even attack it (insufficient BR). As a result, a part of the British PB fleet could not join the battle (and was sunk 6v21). The game imbalance reached new summits yesterday. But this is the game too: no balancing rule on game, no balancing rule foreseen.
  6. @MassimoSud With the kind authorization of clan officers, I will make a technical survey (starting at Basse Terre) to provide feedback and support to local communities. Then I'll sail South to open an outpost around Fort-Zoutman for giving my 32 pound contribution to "diplomatic activities". @Thonys, this outpost could also be used for screening against Russians in the area (the time this still can be done). Sinking Russians is my utmost fun in this game, whatever other wars status.
  7. By the way, and from an historical point of view, I did prefer the war declaration made by @sveno some years ago, when he attacked the French Antilles because of the presence of the best hookers of the map at Basse-Terre. Relations between kingdoms are less poetic by now… I have some nostalgy!
  8. @Thonys, I personally have no reason to fear that war and my diplomatic range is now voluntarily limited to the range of a 32pd caronade. But for sake of clarity, why didn't you add in the reasons for war the Dutch squads which are daily chasing Brit traders around KPR since one month after release? I propose this new reason for war: During several months, Great Britain did not lose patience and just defended traders and new players around his capital. VP cannot do that and due to a two day counter-attack by GB, VP is obliged to declare a war that VP is in fact making since
  9. Maybe, at the end of the battle, a message could be automatically generated to all: "During this battle, player XXXXXX had a Loki Rune" To get confirmed of the Loki jump, To get the name of the players involved in.
  10. The only time I was jumped by Loki, I had no doubt. The "NPC" fired chains to my sails (I knew from that moment this was a player). I managed to board him, and he was firing broadsides during boarding, showing that the player was still there. I was not surprised by the combat news, reporting that I boarded and sunk a Spanish player, but I don't know who he is (no chat during battle and no answer after). And as the NPC was initially an elite one, I got the note.
  11. Same for me. I have fought with and against Capt Smile. Never got any problem.
  12. Salut Fofo! Oui, c'est un fait que le commerce be rapporte plus assez, au point que plus personne ne capture de trader pour sa cargaison. Fait contraire à la réalité historique, remarque que l' admin a considéré comme "good point". Reste à savoir quand ce sera corrigé...
  13. Same on War server. Peace server is working fine.
  14. Je vous rejoins sur le fait qu'un accord PVP sera très rapidement intenable. Mais comment allez-vous contrôler les joueurs pour le screen? N'importe quel "rogue", ou simplement un joueur qui revient après un break, sans forcément au courant d'un accord, aura volontairement ou non le pouvoir de le remettre en question?
  15. Just for information, it seems that Russia (NN clan), sent a Diktat to France. Either France accepts to become a pupet for NN, or NN attack the only French crafting port: Bridgestone. France seems likely to refuse, but I am not a French diplomat anymore, I let them take their decision. According to @Celtiberofrog, Spain did accept a similar "arrangement"...
  16. Ici KPR. Boulouboup, Boulouboup, Boulouboup, Les Français parlent aux Français… Boulouboup, Boulouboup, Boulouboup…. Les sanglots longs Des violons De l’automne D'après quelques messages reçus de certains points de la carte, il serait tout à fait possible que la France bénéficie d'une équipe internationale de screen en cas d'attaque sur Bridgestone. According to some messages received from certain points of the map, France could receive support from an international screening team in case of an attack on Bridgestone. Blessent mon cœur D’une langueur Monotone To French
  17. @Celtiberofrog Quand je pense que le dernier joueur espagnol que j'ai croisé (et coulé) a fait valoir pour sa défense une prétendue alliance entre la Grande-Bretagne et l'Espagne...
  18. @MassimoSud, @Genevieve Malfleurs, @All_BASTARDS: One more target to sink here!
  19. @Jakob.Kettler The "War" server is not a PVP server. This "PVP server" name was abandoned months ago. You can consider that the "Peace Server" is a PVE only server. The "War Server" is not a PVP server. I made the same error too, resulting in several boring evenings. PVE activities are more and more mandatory on this server. Simple and clear for me: I am obliged to resign myself to playing the play style Developers decided for us. Maybe, I'll find some fun in PVE?
  20. Letters of Marques were ever proposed, several times, by several players, as a possible solution for diverse concerns. Let's imagine, propose, discuss, contest what could be the rules for that historical feature. Let's try and avoid exploits on this, find a way to get profit and no loss. My "vision" for that should be: Clan creator and diplomats can provide a Letter of Marque to another clan Clan creators and clan diplomats of both clans can revoke it There is no time duration for the letter of marque. It is in force until revocation. The effect of the Letter
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