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  1. As far as I can't have one Trinc (NotPellew) vs 9 privateers, I won't be happy with BR270!
  2. Clovis? V'la not' Dėdė qui retourne aux sources! Meilleurs vœux aux ATR! (et aux autres) 😀😀😀
  3. Yes, but thé link will change when the guide will be updated, at the latest with next patch. I don't know the way to update a file with Google drive. I can only delete the old file and place a new file, with a new link... Unless someone more skilled than I in file sharing sites give me a site in which: Files can be replaced by new revisions when they are updated, without changing the downloading link (mandatory) Comments can be added by uploader: date, revision number, comments on last changes (very useful) Only the uploader can change the file, or specific users authori
  4. Corsair fleets in 6th rates are way easier to counter by a defence fleet than a fleet of Wasa / Bello / Trincos. Yes, possibly Requins and Snows might be a problem, they might kill some new players, espescially if these new players find no support in their nation. A way to keep them in game is to help them, fight alongside with them, and support them so that they do not feel alone in their capital. Have a look in the combat reports would help to know what to do. But anyway, I personnaly like the idea of some smaller privateer fleets (6th rate ships, giving rewards only if
  5. Merry Christmas and happy new year to all Naval Action players, and to the development team!
  6. Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K6xCXtCUd68PPzvNjBxD5ffgE_69VEoc/view?usp=sharing Revision 00, first issued December 22nd, 2019 Revision 01, Updated Feb 04th, 2020 Revision 02, Updated Feb 28th, 2020 Revision 03, Updated Apr 18th, 2020. Revision 04, Updated Jun 26th, 2020. Revision 05, Updated Nov 18th, 2020. Thank you for reviewing and help updating and correcting!
  7. Tu peux jouer NN sur IL-2 Sturmovik 1946
  8. I think this was ever demanded, at least for the crew. Developers answered that this kind of details is consuming a lot of resources from computers (drop of FPS) and maybe a long development time for just a visual effect. For ropes, dirts on the deck and so on, I don't know.
  9. Thanks for the explanation. I spent some time yesterday to hunt traders. It worth, especially if the cargo is not only sold to the closest port, but transported where prices worh traveling.
  10. Mermaid action? I guess that this version of the game is for adults only. So, not for me...
  11. Oh yes please, remove the stuff I do not use: Indefatigable, Trincomalee, Christian and all 1st rates. Plus medium canons, cartagena tar, floating batteries and so on. @Mascarino, if you claim for removing features I like, why not removing features you like too?
  12. Sorry Sir, but I only use longs or carronades.
  13. No. I am a lover of small ships. I have a lot of kills, even in Traders Lynx. I do think that people sailing only in Trincs, Indefs, and so on, just don't have the challenging spirit to try Lynx, Navy Brig, Privateers and so on. All that ships are very fun to use! None are dead! May be, the volunteer spirit of players to challenge themselves must born again. Just have a look on some fun... All these fight were successful, some times requiring some inventive reactions, and I do not always have the kill. But Naval Action is featuri
  14. Would be such a marveeeeeeeel! I want that for Xmas! Please @admin, I was quite a nice kid!
  15. Many players of big nations have several accounts. Doing the way proposed by @Nooop, these players will move one to the small nation. This would imbalance this small nation more than it is right now.
  16. In Naval Action, a good Russian is a swimming Russian
  17. If a DLC ship comes in game with same data than a craftable ship, she will stay inferior to the craftable ship, because of the port boni, which are applicable to crafted ships only. DLC's have some bonus, but these cannot be chosen by players. Which is good for keeping crafting worth and alive.
  18. Really, there is more satisfaction to tag a Indianman in a Lynx than in a Trincomalee or in a Xebec. But this is not a guaranteed victory (the last one escaped from my guns, Grrrrrr). And I got so many fun fights in tiny ships! No way, or long way, for me to leave the love of my youth. [BASTD] & YMCA for ever! Can you feel, in a Christian VII, the satisfaction I got when killing in a single (and lucky) Lynx rake, 78 crews out of a Trinc? And you know what? This Trinc was later boarded and captured... I did not get the kill, this was just one more smiling event.
  19. By the way, I am not sure that long guns in broadsides was historically correct (or even possible, due to weight and lenght of the guns compared to ship width). On photographs and videos of the Victory, the 32pd guns seem to be medium lenght.
  20. La question n'est pas autour d'une nation, russe ou autre. La question est plutôt de savoir si le RVR est ou non l'unique activité du jeu. Quelle est l'activité des screeners (a priori bientôt réduite à rien quand les flottes de PB pourront directement "téléporter" au port attaqué). Quelle autre activité que les PB? Crafting et commerce ont été cassés par le patch 27. Pour ceux qui veulent absolument progresser vite, PVE ad nauseam. Les autres, PVP, c'est possible dans toutes les nations. A part les Polonais, il reste à tout le monde au moins un port à peu près potable.
  21. I don't like them. None of them. I have zero slot on them, in fact zero XP on any of these ships. And not at all interested in developing XP on them. People and developers have to admit the fact that some players will never be found of using big tanks, otherwise I would play World of Tanks. Some players have stats similar to mine: I have presently 4000+ hours in game on my main account. I have zero XP in any 1st rate. I have no 1st rate on my docks. I have zero XP in any 2nd rate. I have no 2nd rate on my docks. I have zero XP in any 3rd rate. I have one Wasa
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