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  1. See my post on December 27th. I agree. I just don't know how to do it (for free). For the moment, the only permanent link is the link to this forum topic.
  2. WO/WO is faster than LO/WO. See https://na-map.netlify.com/ Game tools, construction woods.
  3. Pickles don't have the 24 pound carronades, they have less crew, they are slower, don't have the sailing capabilities. They are definitely not a good option. Same for cutters (not enough crew and speed), the high manoeuvrability do not give any advantage in a 20v20 battle.
  4. You want us to flip Maracaibo before Russians? Sorry Sir, we can't. We have no port around...
  5. Mad Havocs sunk my Lynx in Croatia. I had a hard time since this incredible loss, with great difficulties to find some consolation.
  6. This should be great! Both to be able to restart from the lower rank or to redo the exams after a reset for players who don't like tiny ships.
  7. Taking into account the size of this clan, I would vote ROVER. Very dangerous players...
  8. That's true. Fort power is high. Some ships are less hurted by them, including the privateers used by SWE yesterday, because they are small targets (fort precision of fire is not that big, in particular in elevation aiming) and privateer masts are quite difficult to hit down. But Rediii's Requin was smashed hard by the fort yesterday (bigger target). This was the only moment when we Brits found the fortifications useful yesterday. At other moments, they were almost as dangerous for us than for you (you cannot know what they will fire on next, and if you are in between, bye bye masts...)
  9. First post updated (new link to new revision). The new revision includes: Addition of explanations and screen shots about the Logbook. Update of the ship list, including new ships Correction of some errors (thanks to @Golova Magnit) Please revert potential errors or improvement suggestions here! And above all: Have fun!
  10. Bermuda Ceddar is for fast hunters. Caguairan is a cheeper white oak (put in game when LO & WO were only available by purchasing in a limited number of ports). Same, sabicu is a cheaper live oak. Caguairan and sabicu are no more that useful now, but there is no particular reason to remove them from game.
  11. If the BR of 3rd rates is the same than 1st rates, why using them in PB's? (Why not same BR for Privateers, to allow them entering in deep water PB's) As @Hethwill ever told you, please be careful with what you wish for. It may actually occur!
  12. You can see data here: https://na-map.netlify.com/ (Game tools, compare ships) or in the user guide (see the "guides" section of this forum.
  13. Yes, but in the 1st post here, someone ask for removing this rule...
  14. I ever was attacked by a Saint Pavel, while being in a Lynx. I was scouting for France before a PB (before release). The Pavel never entered in the PB. I played the screening function, because the Pavel tagged me (to remove scouting). But normally, a Lynx should never prevent a 2nd rate to enter a port battle. It would be the same in open world. Do we really want to see Lynxes as escorts of 2nd rates, to prevent interception of SOL's until the 2nd rate can tag the target it chooses? When trying to attack an Indianman flleet, do you really want to have your frigate screened by a Trade
  15. This was added to prevent Port Battle fleets to be screened by small ships, which have no real intention to fight, only to tag and tag again the sails of big ships, to prevent them to get out of the fight during 90 minutes. It works as intended. The advantage of removing it would be small compared to the drawbacks.
  16. May be to oblige players approaching enemy ports in a ship that means something for defenders. The first 100k reals can easily be made in a basic cutter either in capital water PVE or by chasing a single trader brig in enemy waters.
  17. There are few videos here, about battles fought in small ships during port battles. Here is the small ship battles, during Brangman's Bluff PB. GB lost the port, but we got fun anyway!
  18. A Dow would be fantastic. Cargo at 900, removing the 2pd chasers, replacing the 9pd by 4pd, without carronades. And speed reduced, 1 knot less.
  19. Aïe canne chaussure. I mean: I can show, sure https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Téméraire_(1749) Unless the one in game is another Le Téméraire. There was several called that name in La Royale.
  20. Where is le Redoutable? Where is Le Téméraire ? Le Redoutable sunk the day after the battle of Trafalgar, having got 300 dead and 222 severely wounded men out of 643 during these battle (80% of the crew). Le Téméraire was captured by the Royal Navy at the battle of Lagos (1759). It was sold out of the navy 25 years later.
  21. Thanks, I'll check that, and other ships, for next release.
  22. There are reasons to do it. Whenyou are ganked with no chance to escape and no chance to have fun, why fighting? When you have some IRL reason to stop... Either you surrend or simply leave the game.
  23. There will soon be exploits if this port ownership transfer (if implemented in game) is not strictly limited to exchanges in the same nation.
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