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  1. Liaison mission, asked by Admiralty, could be rewarded by permits. And, for sure, shallow privateer fleets. These fleets being impossible to be tagged by 5th rates and above, and composed of 6 elite shallow ships. Disabled in PZ (might be difficult to code).
  2. According to that link, (in French, sorry) https://fr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canon_de_36_livres 36 lbs French guns had, per gun: 60 balls, 10 chains (2x24 lbs barred), 4 grapes.
  3. Don't be negative. 🙂 After renaming the ship in a less generic name, her characteristics could be adapted more carefully, taking into account the real ship chosen. So, don't just propose a ship name, but when possible add which strong and weak characteristics should be raised up. I would think in Vanguard, with increased turn rate.
  4. (*) Hubert Le Loup de Beaulieu is one of my favourite French captains. Aging cousin of the young Louis Garneray, he was in command of the French frigate La Forte. Because of his age, he would soon receive command of a Ship of the Line, boring ship in which usually nothing happens. He made the following observation: the best gift that God can give to a man in this condition is a 24-pound ball in the chest. And God answered to this prayer on his next cruise back to France, when La Forte met HMS Sybille. (God was obliged to use a 18 pound ball, because 24 pounds were not available in this area in
  5. If this topic is for suggestions for future DLC's: A Dhow (2 mast "xebec", with weaker armament and crew, and bigger hull). A lugger (might be a trader with improved fishing capabilities and reduced sailing crew because sails can be operated from decks in luggers). A DLC like Admiralty Connections, which would give 4 more outposts ("East India Connection"). 😃 French frigate L'Egyptienne (50 guns, 30 x 24lbs + 20 x 8lbs, that can be replaced by 9pd). Can be preferably called "La Forte", which is mentioned in books written by Louis Garneray who sailed in her, under comman
  6. Thanks for the comment. This point will be clarified in next revision (2). In great lines, the clan of the player who takes the hostility mission is the one who will earn hostility points. Even if a single player of this clan participates to hostility fights and 9 players of another clan helps. These 9 players don't need to belong to friendly clans of attackers. (1) Hostility can raise only in the PB timer defined by defenders. Points are added at the moment when all attackers leave the hostility mission. If the last attacker leaves out of the PB timer, no point will be added.
  7. Another tiny ship battle (video shortened to 2 mins)
  8. OK, thanks. Updating Naval Action user guide. 🙂
  9. To all... If Prussians stop RVR, they will have more time for PVP... We will soon hear some whiners here! 😅😂😀😃😄😆
  10. Brits can go to Spain capital waters from Xpua or Tantun, Russians from Contoy and all others from Tumbado. Closing Mantua will not be a fundamental change, but if this helps...
  11. There will be no war until the result of the war will be predictable? 😞 At least, thanks, nice to know it... What would you do if Russia decides to attack Spain from Great Corn?
  12. I like this declaration. Not because I think that the "ministers" who sign the chart fear a conflict on the War Server, but simply because this could, at last, stop the war by delegation between Sweden and Russia (the two strongest factions at the moment, the two really worthy adversaries). What are we seeing at the moment? Russia attacking Spain instead of Sweden, Sweden attacking Great Britain instead of Russia. (LOL). Sweden sending ultimatums to Great Britain to prevent them to attack Spain, and ultimatums to Prussia for protecting Verenigde Provinciën, but never sending ultimatu
  13. The Loki Rune, seen by the one who got jumped (which can be fun too). Enjoy! I got jumped at 7:45
  14. I'll try to find this for next revision. At least by taking infos in my forge. Thanks for the remark. 🙂
  15. Quite strange, knowing the weight of cannon balls in kilogrammes. 32 lb= 32 x 0.454 kg = 14.528 kg. 36 livres = 36 x 0.500 kg = 18 kg 42 lb = 42 x 0.454 kg = 19.068 kg. @LeBoiteux, @Surcouf do you confirm these data?
  16. They are just covered by their own shit. Just ignore them, in spite of their delicate smelling! Do you think they like this odour that you personnaly hate?
  17. Be Aware Sirs, Truxillo Achievement Rewards Disgorged Soon I am not a diplomat!...
  18. Spies in British chat are usual spies, small sized that can be found in any nation. Spies in Discord are predictable, so many players changing nation every day. I am more surprised by finding spies in BASTD clan mails... Should I call that "traitors"? They dirty fingers can only dirt the hand of who shake hands with them! 😉
  19. Is this small enough? Just to show that fun PVP can be found whatever the ship you are in!
  20. This prediction was ever made at least 10,000 times during the 3 past years.
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