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  1. It is shown in Le Musée de la Marine, in Paris, France. France did built a dozen of xebecs to fight Algiers pirates. Le Singe, a French xebec, was the first commanding assignment of Suffren at this period. https://www.patrimoine-histoire.fr/MaqTxt/zzRequin.htm Le singe was an interesting composite design, square and lateen sails. http://mnm.webmuseo.com/ws/musee-national-marine/app/collection/record/8951
  2. Distances in nautical miles and not in km Compass rose divided in quarts (360° / 32), like in an historical compass rose:
  3. Changing the number of nations would be a dramatic change anyway, this could result in no change... Corruption to give a negative impact to bigger economies is a way (see @rediii's proposal). This is historical. Corruption was the worsed in Spain for instance when gold rivers began to flow from West Indias. Impact on ship quality. This is historical, well described by Patrick O'Brian in Desloation Island (HMS Leopard builders, and woods). This would impact battle results for big factions, with auto balancing effect. Impact on RVR. Balance the 1000 point target. Small nations
  4. Dhow With: The speed of the Trader Lynx, The sailing profile of the cutter ( traditional lateen sails are not that good upwind, they are not flat enough. Now a days, some race dhows are adding a boom at the bottom of the sail to flatten it more, but this was not the case in XVIIIth century, and not in below video) Hold for 600 tons, with higher impact on the speed than the Tracers Lynx 40 crews 8 guns (4 pounds long/medium, 12 pounds carronades)
  5. Diplomatic connections: 4 more outposts For a similar price to Admiralty Connections
  6. First post updated with Revision 03. Addition of China nation, standard flag and ranks. Small corrections and fixes.
  7. Entering in a battle means fighting in the battle, not supplying ships to the other side...
  8. You get such answers in the user guide, chapter 10.
  9. In France (and elsewhere in the world), people are organizing a self made penury of pasta, toilet paper, salad oïl, etc... May-be, @admin, we can help you boosting sales of DLC: Due to Corona virus, there might be some shortage of several products, including but not limited to: Le Redoutable (made in France) Rättvisan (linked to some infested countries in Scandinavia, which have connections to Germany) L'Hermione (made in France) Flags (could be impacted by controls on frontiers) Admiralty Connection could be soon impacted if to many officers are obliged to
  10. I bought some Corona beers in Belgium to get immunity. I am a fair user Abbaye de Leffe, they will pray for me to avoid buying Mort Subite. In case of emergency, man can also use Pils, available without medical prescription.
  11. J'ai croisé hier un joueur russe dont j'avais réussi à tagger l'Indien avec mon Lynx. Stupide undercrew. J'ai du mal avec Cyrille Hick, mais quand j'ai demandé a Google de traduire, ça a pas marché de RU en FR, mais de RU en GB, ça a donné "Fück you". Conclusion: meme Sir Google est plus poli en Français qu'en Anglais ou en Russe. 😝
  12. C'est quoi, la liste des clans actifs français. Quelqu'un peut poster le leaderboard?
  13. Ce genre de comportement n'est pas une spécificité française, loin s'en faut. Je l'ai vu et parfois vécu dans au moins quatre nations... Je ne vous donne pas de détails sur le "BASTD bashing" qui a conduit au passage de ce clan chez les Danois. Tout en douceur, évidemment. Ou pas. Je ne suis pas parti chez les Anglais parce que tout allait bien. Je suis parti sans attendre que tout aille mal. La forte tendance dictatoriale des Suédois n'arrange rien actuellement pour la nation France. Si un Suédois attaque un Français, c'est du PVP. L'inverse est une rupture des conventions, surtout si le
  14. Ceci a été proposé sur le forum. On pourrait peut-être en proposer d'autres ?
  15. French Flag: Les Corsaires de Saint Malo The flag of Saint-Malo is blue, red white. Corsairs were flying red colors as attack flags. During the reign of Louis XIV, flags of war ports were all united background colored with a silver cross (white), the backgound being specific to each port (azure for Saint-Malo). Finally, a passing ermine tied with gold (colors specific to the weapons of the city), recalling the belonging of Saint-Malo to the Duchy of Brittany. This flag was flown by the corsairs of Saint-Malo (René Duguay-Trouin, Robert Surcouf), in addition to the Royal Flag (which w
  16. Revision 02 issued. The link is updated in the first post. I decided not to create an external link to this forum, the permanent link will stay: https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/33234-naval-action-user-guide/ The advantage is to give a link to the place where comments can be made if something must be further clarified, or must be corrected.
  17. No gazette today? Bloody journalists, always in taverns!
  18. The next revision of our User Guide is being written-up. This update 2020-03 will include: More details on crafting in forge (resource needs for each type of gun), More details on hostility mission mechanics, More details on raids, More details on the role of friendly clans, Update on chests, Check on ship list and main data, update if necessary (Naval Action Map stays the detailed reference on that point), Document in A4 instead of A5. Any other need?
  19. Je me souviens d'un [EDR] Aramis de Nes, pas trop actif à l'époque où je l'étais le plus. (Bonjour à Charlemagne!) 😉 Par contre, quand je rentre en bataille, je combat. J'ai coulé sans problème aux côtés des NN (pas sur mon compte principal) ou contre eux. C'est toujours un plaisir !
  20. Next revision, early March, will be full A4 instead A5.
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