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  1. Another way should be: You can see the enemy player name when you are close enough to his ship to read the ship name by a telescope (300 meters). This visibility ideally being lost at 600 meters. Do not remove battle chat. If a player wants to use it, he is free of revealing his name. Something else that can be fun: when you tag a player, don't reveal his ship type before the fight starts. So that, when you tag a traders snow, you will know in battle that this is a snow, and at 300 meters that the skipper is Gregory R. In the same idea range, please add a paint that makes
  2. This is not a joke. Just try this meta and tell us your feedback.
  3. I hope to understand all that changes for the next user guide update. But I have more and more doubts for this. RVR, crafting, battle instances... 😮
  4. Right. Hunting traders should not impact reputation. But hunting big traders in a tiny ship is better. Surcouf got his highest reputation while capturing East Indian Kent from the brig La Confiance.
  5. About this... Post forthcoming And no crew would like to fight for a captain who is only fighting lower ranked players. For instance capital harassers. Such captains, who only enter or accept a fight when their BR is x3 the enemy, or Admirals fighting 1st lieutenants only, should have trouble for recruiting. We also need a reputation system in your own nation. Penalty to cowards should also include penalty to fighters-only-when-my-side-is-the-strongest. Why do Snows run to my privateer? Xebecs to Niagara?
  6. Is the player reputation impacted by fights in Patrol Zones? In PZ, most players enter in random fights, in the open side, just to make damages, whatever the flied flag is.
  7. The mad privateer, again... Video here: https://youtu.be/exB4KEQ8gK0?list=PL-Sa7ZUFAqnhMshGMoo7P7o-iY9hfm34T
  8. I'll be there unless strong impossibility. Black ship. La Tortue, Tumbado or any other free port. @Despe, please update the first post with celebration details. And thanks for this initiative.
  9. Disparition of doubloons, which is not announced, would even not be a concern. We could have a good game with a single currency instead of four now (reals, doubloons, medals and VMarks). Balancing 4 currencies is very difficult. Crafting is not dead, even with DLCs. Just sail in 6/7th rates (Niagara, Privateer), you will rapidly see the difference between a capped ship and a crafted one. Big ships lovers can use their Holly Vic's, then Redoutable etc. once a day, to earn time. We will see rapidly the predominance of crafted 1st rates when PB's will be back on. I have all DLCs,
  10. Many players increased their crafting level by having a level 1 shipyard and making fir/fir traders. You can sell them or crap them to recover a few material. For making canons, you don't need to be at max level.
  11. Only ship crafting générâtes Crafting XP. If you just want to craft upgrades and repairs, the workshop is necessary, the academy for most valuable upgrades. If you want to make canons and caronades, the forge can do it. These two buildings and the production buildings (to get oak, iron ore, coal etc.) are independant from port bonuses. Just have a look in the guide, pages 68-75.
  12. Do you know how to be promoted to this high nobility? 🙂
  13. Do not complain on a single game mechanic, which belongs to a whole. Remove this and solo players / small clans won't have anymore access to playing.
  14. You have to sail near the swords, then click on them and confirm ("join alone" or "join as a group") for launching the mission. When mission is complete, you have to go to a friendly port, then click on your journal in your mission logs, select the completed mission and get your rewards (doubloons or chests). If you got a chest, it is placed in the port warehouse. You open the warehouse, right-click on the chest and select "OPEN". The content of the chest is place in the warehouse. Have a look in the Naval Action User Guide, plenty of tips there.
  15. The next revision should include: Add an explanation and screen shots about wind boosts (forgotten in guide up to now). Update DLC list, addition of Victory 1765 Check ship characteristics (based on “Felix’s Map”), addition of Victory 1765 Details on cheaper edition (if implemented) Add player protection (Home Defence Fleets and Light Fleets) Add new woods (those that can be planted, those that can be used for DLC ships and those that only drop in some ports [rule/conditions to be defined]) New Player missions (To be checked by creating / reset an acco
  16. @admin, Thanks Peillon (Alpes-Maritimes ) : le village suspendu dans le vide La Roquette-sur-Var (Alpes Maritimes) : entre montagne et mer
  17. So, my last actions against a screening fleet was yesterday evening, when half a dozen of pirate and Spanish players tried to intercept my traders Lynx, which was re-supplied Mimbres in repairs for the future PB. Four times tagged, 4 times running upwind in my fully loaded Traders Lynx, pirates and Spain never using the proper ship and being unable to make a proper tag, stuck they are in their holly Snow... I'll miss this time, for sure! Single minded ship choice is freezing something, isn't it? Don't tell to pirates and others, but in another life (or account), I recently got p
  18. RVR: Buff the mortar brig (range, rate of fire), to make it useful again in RVR.
  19. I do! Since release, I have 10 PVP kills in this fantastic hunter! Just some tips: Equip the ship with medium guns Nobody cares being approched by a Traders Lynx. Take your time and make a good tag. Start the fight with prepared and load chains. Start with wind at beam reach, the other player will try and run in the wind, you just go behind and rake chain... DO NOT forget to take repairs... Have fun.
  20. Sadly, I agree. With the disparition of screening, RVR could (would, should, might, this is the question) become a business for an handful of specialised players, always the same in a nation, who will do all the PB's, rejecting all other players out because, "we have no choice" or "this is something for very experienced players only" or "sorry but who are you?"... Casual, new players, independent will be out of screening before the PB, out of the battle during the PB, and of no use after the PB. This is the new content?
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