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  1. I am playing Naval Action for around thousand hours, my choice being to be a trader for the French EDR clan. This message just giving my present conclusions and feedback. First of all, who are traders? Two main types: 1- Players who are making money for their clan or for their own. This money will later be used for mining, crafting, purchasing upgrades and blue prints, etc. Finally, this money will go to PvP and RvR. 2- Players who are just accumulating money. They do nothing with it, but accumulating. Such people exist in real life, they exist in Naval Action too. They are s
  2. Pour rendre au commerce une certaine fluidité, il faudrait supprimer les contrats d'achats de ressources non craftées (thé, fromages, machines textiles, etc.) Celà éliminerait les pseudo-commerçants qui se contentent de se téléporter de comptoir en comptoir pour surenchérir sur les autres d'un gold avant de quitter le jeu et revenir une fois de temps en temps, à une heure où il n'y a personne sur le jeu, faire leurs transports. Et d'annihiler tout le commerce de leur propre nation de semaine en semaine.
  3. A 4v4 fight off Fort-Royal, which turned in a 1v1 dogfight, my Surprise vs a Swedish Frigate. Or the complete video on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaAGW1Rp-HQ Musics: Tubular Bells (Mike Oldfield) - Paris sera toujours Paris (Zaz). Sorry for posting the YouTube link only, I did not find in the editor the way to show it as a video here. Or mayybe, it is too big...
  4. 1- Merge combat marks and conquest marks in a single system which allows all playing styles (PVP, RVR, PVE, traders) an access to the whole content of the gameplay. Maybe not at the same speed. 2- Double invisibility and invulnerability times after a battle. Add 30 sec of both when getting off a port. 3- Fix combat entering rules: if I have the BR to be tagged, I have the BR to tag. (Last week my 3 trader Lynx were tagged by a frigate + a Trinconmally. Reinforcement came after the first battle. I got off this fight and tried to tag back the enemy fleet for the two newly arrived Surpr
  5. From France, no PVP-EU, no PVE and not possible to go to PVP global (Steam instance still open on PVP-EU).
  6. Same for all. Very long to pass through the connection screen. Then very long for all (trading, battle reports, etc.) 209 remaining connected players. Just wait and see. The topic opened on that is now closed to other answers. Devs are working!
  7. I left the trader to them and saved my Surprise. ;-))))
  8. One week ago, I voluntarily ignored a Dutch trader-brig I met near la Orchila. My Surprise + fleet trader was ganked 20 mins later by 3 DAS captains. That's life... That's Naval Action. Not the first gank, not the last one.
  9. I will probably have French accounts in both servers, if possible to do it without "killing" my present account, which will be transferred to EU-PvP. But I will be unable to play with US, Canadian or Mexican players at their prime time...
  10. Si on ajoute les changements concernant la limitation de shipyards, mines et plantations, galère en vue commandant! N'étant que Cne de pavillon, je serai pour un temps très fortement limité pour le crafting, ne pouvant participer aux batailles de port de 1er rang. La prochaine grosse bataille de taverne de port risque de convaincre les nouveaux joueurs d'intégrer une guilde solide avant leur écoeurement... J'espere que le prix de la French Beer sera revu a la baisse!
  11. Thanks. Would you need, at that moment or later on, volunteer players to be completely reset, including XP but excluding clan registration, for testing progression?
  12. Does this cancellation of the PVE server mean that I will have the possibility to transfer my present PVE account to PVP global (previously US), where I don't have created account yet, without wiping out all my warehouses and outposts in the Euro-PVP?
  13. Possible to purchase a basic cutter, teleport to capital, and from capital teleport to where ships are stored or available. Just hoping that more than 5 ship can then be docked in each outpost to give wider choice.
  14. This seems to be very exiting! Only question about the number or ships that can be docked in harbors: with one dura per ship, could we have either more than 5 ships per location, or more outposts?
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