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  1. Thanks. I propose to close this topic, to prevent "bad" answers to this fair and sensible position.
  2. On the 24th of October, some captains from the EdR clan were trying to set-up hostility in Fort-Dauphin. Some Danish captains entered in the fight, to try to prevent Frenchs to do it. This is fully fair and normal in a combat game. But some pirates, from the [RUBLI] clan came in too, most of them in Danish side, and one of them in the French side. And in fact, this player “Gameover”, fought for Danes, being under the French flag. He was very few shot by Danes, and ended the fight almost intact, all other French players being captured or sunk. He helped another player (Moscalb) t
  3. In fact, instead of eliminating nations, it probably would be more constructive to eliminate clans inside a nation. I do not understand what the PB made by clans, cities hold by clans and related that gives positive, but I know a lot of players (including me) who are upset of clan rivalries and impossibility to play Naval Action if not being in a clan (might be lived as hostage of the clan mechanics). I heard yesterday a well know and fair captain questioning himself about going on playing NA or not. He is playing NA from the very beginning, when the player base was 60 players... But
  4. We can still remember the fun we got and gave, I hope, in Little River... The best memory being the day when I lost an Agamemnon vs a Bubu, a Connie who was obliged to run away and a Belle Poule. This was when I was a young flag captain... Long time ago!
  5. That might be true. Off topic, but true. For more content, and something looking like, I hope, to previous flag mechanism, could it be possible to have at least a first attempt of raids?
  6. Interesting but do you mean: - one PB per nation and per day or one PB per clan and per day ? (To be noted that the first case would place all PB's at 5pm server time) - do you consider that a nation or a clan cannot attack more than once a day or that a nation or a clan cannot be attacked more than once a day?
  7. Reducing the armament for increasing the hold. I sometimes read the term "adventurer" for this kind of ship, not really trader, nor war ship, nor privateer, but something like a high-speed merchant ship, for special purposes or for liaisons.
  8. In another post, I propossed this: The main qualities of the Belle Poule was a very good manoeuvrability (as most of French designed war ships) and a capacity to bump cannon balls to the sea due to the form of her hull. This is not reflected in game, and the Belle Poule is in game less performing than a Surprise, probably main reason why this ship is almost unused by players. See the complete discussion and the calculation file here: Topic: Proposition-for-new-brs
  9. Good job. I tried and made similar BR proposal, which gave similar results. May Belle Poule and Wappen BR should be reduced.
  10. The old boy is simply too fed up to come here. I wrote for him what necessary. Let Admins decide now.
  11. Just to setup a little bit the context (I am not sure that Aria's level is English allows him even to read this topic.) What I know is: CDC refused to help us in all our last flips or PB's. We (EdR clan) helped the CBC clan when they flip their two last PB. We were present for the PB themselves (see YouTube records by Rediii or Tac). CDC were present besides their beloved Danish and Spanish clans to fight against our allies in the Biloxi PB… This does not give excuses for a green to green battle, but this might at least give explanation and extenuating c
  12. That's a fact that the apparition of the Wasa pushed away from PvP many other types used before. And not only in the 4th rate range. Do you see Renos anymore? No, Wasas took the place. I think that all ships should have their strength and weaknesses. In the present choice set, all plyers will soon use only basic cutters, Surprise (the only ship that can escape a Wasa) Wasa and Ocean. I love Aggies and Belle Poule. I know that in these ships, I am just a target.
  13. In this Pacific area, PB times could be adapted to eastern sunrise. Suez Canal is not mandatory, transfers can be made by tow requests between two free towns on both sides of Panama.
  14. I also think that Trinconmalee should be improved (turn rate), same for Belle Poule and Essex (HP, armour). About Wasa, either her BR should be strongly increased, linked to future PB engagement rules, or the ship characteristics shall be sooner or later reduced.
  15. Taking into account above remarks, I made a lot of trials yesterday evening after our PB in Biloxi. The constraints were to keep the strongest BR to 650 and the weakest BR to 30 (for war ships), for not unbalancing other parts of the program and trying not to insert new bugs by error corrections or new setting… Among others, I tried Simple calculations based on HP, Armor, speed, masts turn rates and so on, Same using speed squared or power 3. Same using turn rate squared or power 3. Trying to introduce a factor for under crew (such as Indefatigable) Long test
  16. That's another very good question! Today, all ships are similar in port battles, but tomorrow, I hope no for diversity benefits. I would personally prefer BR-count.
  17. That's true too indeed. Also differences in wood stuffing: fir-fir surprises with a lot of speed upgrades are common. Not the same for Santisimas! And what about the last Ocean I chased in a teak-teak Hermione, overloaded but with 3 speed upgrades, being obliged to through to the sea most of the cargo of the ship to be able to catch him... And getting this bloody message that my BR was not enough! So yes, and no for the yes because for sure the yes needs the no, BR issues are not so simple.
  18. It was not easy to balance the calculation sheet and each player particular skills have a great influence on the actual ship value (I just have to remember our last 1v1 to be sure of that). I won my last fight with my Surpr vs a Frig, but you were not in the Frigate... Same opinion for Connies. If there are several ships in fight, the broadside weight is more important, the speed is only important for tagging and keeping the enemy in battle, the turning ratio of an Endymion might make it. But a single BR should reflect all that. Surprises have the advantage of 4 stern chasers. T
  19. To simplify the calculation, I used canons broadside weight. This avoids considerations on range and precision, even if my preference goes to using caronades with light frigates such Surprise.
  20. Several topics are questioning the applicable Battle Rates. Many parameters changed, being adjusted in patches, the apparition of new ships modified choices, etc. I’m trying here to give an hand for calculation of “new” Battle Rates, from these new parameters. Forgive me, but this message will be quite long and filed with a lot of formulas. Those who prefer to skip can directly go to conclusion. What is the Battle Rate? (in this proposal) The Battle Rate (BR) has several components: Attack Rate (AR), ability to make damages to the enemy Defensive Rate (DR), a
  21. It was too late for me tonight, I hope to be there next time. And I hope that both red and green sides had fun!
  22. For me, it is so simple: Just linked to a proper use of the double ball perk. Either players get it or not, and I'd like to PvP against or with them, or not. Players using the double ball perk are those you find easily around free towns. And from time to time, they find me in a light frigate, escorting two traders.
  23. No. I am telling that obliging PvP to be also something else than ganking only is a good thing. My traders are most of times outside safe areas, because more profit can be done that way. Young or new players need learning areas. Before finding by themselves that staying in safe areas is not the best way.
  24. Before safety zone implementation, most PvP around our capital was trader ganking (not so fun for real PvP players), followed by defense fleet reaction (endless pursuit of rapid gankers by a bigger or equal fleet). Giving no real PvP because gankers always refuse combat if they don't have a double power to their opponents. They just go to the nearest free port or below their forts. This is why safe zones are necessary. They might have to be adjusted, but not removed. Ganking a Rear Admiral sailing in trader brigs with 4 Surprises, one Renommee and 2 Wasa is not PvP.
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