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  1. May be, attacking and efending the necessary trader convoys for earning such money... Let's see development in game.
  2. We could need more permits in loots and chests, or less ships with permits. This can be adjusted easily if necessary.
  3. This will create gameplay for frigates and smaller ships. It's strange and not historical to see in Open World way more 1st rates than LGV's, more Indiamen than brigs, etc. Maybe, it was strange and not historical to see in Open World way more 1st rates than LGV's, more Indiamen than brigs, etc.
  4. Hey @Frosty, I have enough friends playing French to know that they have fun there. I personally play Prussian from times to times... It's fun.
  5. And as the fourth option is totally improper and oriented, I can't answer. I would have answered: 4- No wipe.
  6. No more wipe. No map wipe, for not having to spend evening after evening chasing HDF for flags. No XP wipe. Useless grinding No ship wipe. No building wipe. Useless grinding again. No port wipe, especially those who were developed, by long efforts... A total wipe with present mechanics would mean neutral map for several weeks (the time for people will grind XP enough for sailing first rates to go for flags).
  7. Have a look here in the game user guide, this should help: https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/33234-naval-action-user-guide/
  8. If you come in Denmark/Norway, you will be welcome in Sons of Bastards BSTD clan. Just send a message in nation chat. An officer should answer @MassimoSud, @Felix Victor, @Frosty
  9. Never mind, the dog is cat's alt...
  10. Thanks, I got trapped twice. First time, two weeks ago, when "cleaning" some locust ships , too slow for PVP. Then I replaced teak/WO by Bermuda/WO, more efficient for small ships in PVP. I suicided some Burmu/Bermu ships to get space on my docks, attacking any target (my prince vs Panda + Prince + LGV). Pixel suicide is fun! I hope that my present meta for small ships (Bermu/WO) seasoned will stay usable. 😉
  11. Shit! I just scrapped all my teak /WO ships...
  12. Thanks for this remark. It will be corrected.
  13. This is not the main concern I see. When I attack a trader with fleet, I never sink (up to now) the NPC fleet, because most traders immediately order them to retreat and do not use them in fight. And whatever the result of the fight, I don't reattack the survivors. But sometimes the trader can escape, but some do not check that the fleet did escape before them. And all the NPC fleet is lost. Useless for the hunter and hurting the trader for no reason.
  14. Even without Forge Papers, the account of a Flag Captain can be easily reset, without big loss. He should recover in Master & Commander (losing 2 ranks only) if he made the exams before, or in a week if he did not do the exams. Ships and valuable upgrades can be sold to a friend, if he has some, in a free town, as recovered just after reset. I really don't see where is the problem to nation at once. But maybe, he does not want to change nation at once, he prefers to build first a strong reputation...
  15. I should be there in the right dressing code. although, I'm not fan of the gun bugs: Strange sailing behavior, even for a drunk skipper. Inability to repair guns when destroyed. But for once, you create a 7th rate event: Thanks for that!
  16. C'est déjà difficile. Il faut pour les prendre qu'une flotte de protection du "porteur de drapeau" se pré-positionnne. Le porteur de drapeau part un peu plus tard, de la zone "shallow", dans un navire rapide. vers les "hidden Islands" (Wasa, Indefatigable, Niagara peut-être). C'est sûr qu'un Santisima avec bow Elephant et Floating Battery ne va pas le faire... Rien n'empêche de faire un essai avant. De toutes manière, vues les zones de départ possibles, seuls les US, peut être les Danois (on a quelques français ici ) peuvent le faire. Ici KobenHavn, les Français parlent au
  17. Revision 04 issued today. First post updated. Add an explanation and screen shots about wind boosts, Update DLC list, addition of Victory 1765, Check ship characteristics (based on “Felix’s Map”), addition of Victory 1765 Add player protection (Home Defence Fleets and Light Fleets) Add new woods (those that can be planted, those that can be used for DLC ships and those that only drop in some ports [rule/conditions to be defined]) New RVR Rules / Flags Explanation about “Transport to Port Battle” Port Investments (how to increase the number o
  18. Thnaks. I am sure about the Niagara (one of my favorites). So the list of 50 Prep is Prince, Niagara, Rattlesnake, Le Requin and Pirate Frigate The 20 Preparation of the privateer just accelerates a bit the time to go to 100. If preparation is not launched with a normal crew, preparation at the boarding start will be 25.
  19. New Chapter 9.5.2 9.5.2 Transport to Port Battle. If a port battle is planned to start in the 5 next minutes, Player can use the item to transport a group of captains directly to the port battle. The steps to do it are the following: Acquire the item, in Admiralty (the price is very expensive). Create a group. Request the group to enter in the same port and click “Ready”. Use the item. Select the port to transport the ships to. Admiralty will transport the battle group of players to one of the locations that is used by NPC Raiders.
  20. New chapter 8.1.3: 8.1.3 Conquest Conquest (RVR) is clearly a group activity in Naval Action, only clans or clan members can participate to Port Battles. Acquire the flag Having a flag in a port Warehouse or in the main ship hold is necessary to launch the conquest of an enemy or neutral port. Here an example of 5 flags in a warehouse: The only way to acquire a flag is attacking some Home Defence Fleet around enemy capitals, sinking their ships and looting them. Once acquired, flags must be used during the next 7 days (they become useless in
  21. Point 4 (the easiest): 13 points are won at each round. I found no upgrade or perk to increase this value. In fact 15 points are earn, but two immediately consumed at round start, to reset the previous player choice. This is also why preparation is 25-3= 23 at the start of an unprepared boarding. Exceptions: initial preparation for boarding on 50 for Niagara and xebec. Prince to be checked.
  22. You might have a look in the user guide... This helps
  23. If several players are in battle and salute the other team (07), it will still be impossible to know who exactly is in which ship. If I am in a battle in @MassimoSud team, who could know who is in a privateer and who is in a Christian?
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