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  1. No difference between the DLC and the regular one.

    Upgrades depend on the wood choices. If you have fast one, increase the speed, if you have a strong one, increase repairs and planking

  2. On 2/14/2021 at 8:05 AM, Loophole said:

    Thank you very much for your excellent documentation! By far the most complete and accurate instructions I have found so far for Naval Action!

    One small thing that I cannot find mentioned in it is an explanation of the information panel that pops up when you click on an NPC ship in the open world (PvE world for me at the moment :-). Most of the panel is self-explanatory, but on some I see a skull-and-crossbones icon; maybe it means they are a pirate? It also took me a while to realise the "ships" might actually be "fleets"! As a new player it would be nice to see an explanation of that panel included!

    Sorry for late answer!

    These fleets are Elite fleets, which are very strong ships, with utmost good efficiency in boarding and gunnery.

    If you sink the main ship of the fleet, you can earn some ship notes of the same type.

  3. Revision 05 is issued today, first post is updated with the new link.
    This revision includes:

    • Update Ship Table in §4.
    • Update §4.6.1 (wood characteristics)
    • Addition of chapter §4.7 - Gunnery
    • Update of Tavern rules (chats)
    • Complete rewriting of §9 - Battles in Naval Action, in particular §9.4 – How to use the wind (with help of pre-existing document by Game-Labs)
    • Update DLC List.
    • Description of wind shadows
    • Description of new sailing rules, especially those related to battle sailing
    • Error correction (that are traked by revision marks)
  4. It did not last long for exploiting / breach the flag mechanics.

    I as remember, this mechanic, as well as Transport to PB, was added to allow small nations to have RVR capabilities, even if big populations may want to deny it.

    Yesterday, Atwoods was attacked by at least 3 (maybe 4) flag holders, from 4 different clans at the same time, so that Danemark, whose player base is half the one of pirates could simply not defend. We sunk one or two flag holders, but some would always remain. I saw some 40/50 enemy first rates out of the port.

    Big nations found the breach. Congrats.


    @adminIs this working as intended?

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  5. La survie (touche "8") doit toujours être laissée "ON" (en surbrillance).

    Les marins iront automatiquement sur ces travaux prioritaires:

    • Pomper l'eau dans la cale
    • Aveugler les voies d'eaux
    • Combattre les incendies.

    Le joueur peut, s'il le désire, mettre la survie "OFF",

    • s'il désire laisser couler rapidement son navire (ne pas laisser le temps aux ennemis de le capturer)
    • ou s'il désire laisser un incendie aller jusqu'à l'explosion, dans l'espoir d'endommager les ennemis aux alentours immédiats (évidemment, ils vont essayer de s'éloigner quand ils verront l'incendie se propager et grossir).

    Merci de la remarque, je prends note d'ajouter plus de détails là-dessus pour la prochaine révision du guide. :) 

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  6. @Skools, there is no known cheat code here, and this is probably not possible, because of some server arrangement (position of ships and fleet composition is in server only, not in user computers).

    But (there is always a but...)

    • Most of times, players with several medium ships in fleet have traders. So seeing your Trincomalee or (worst) Prince with two mediums in fleet declares your fleet as "probable easy target". With, as a consequence, immediate attack.
    • Few players can resist to an attack on traders, even if these fights are not the most fun. Easy means fast earn of doubloons at no risk, if sinking your man ship.
    • Ganking or being ganked... Yes, this is the rule, not only in Naval Action game.
    • The trading route that you are describing here is one of the most used. You can expect privateers on your way. Try and change your trading route for some less classical one.
    • Don't escort Indiamen (square rigs) by Prince de Neufchâtel (fore and aft). Your fleet is slow downwind (because of the Prince) and upwind (because of the Indias).
    • Trading means big profit when achieved, and total loss when intercepted. To be accepted.
    • Avoid dangerous destinations (Santiago de Cuba, Belize, etc.) at European prime time.
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  7. 1 hour ago, Fletch said:

    I fully agree with you a nation that cannot defend itself should not own ports. I would rather see GB with just Jamaica if it means not having to pander to one super power or another.

    For me, confirmed. I won't have left GB staying with Jamaica only.

    I left France faction, two years ago, because of alliances. I chose GB because there were no alliance there at that moment. I left GB for being annoyed by alliances with either Russia or Sweden (knowing that none would work) and by the hell of mess around it. I could have chosen France back, I checked situation with my French "secret" account, but alliances...

  8. 1 hour ago, Conte D. Catellani said:

    Maybe with Karma system you can turn into pirates people that attack everybody,  and makes the actually Pirates Nation  into  a Corsair Nation   where the players could choose from all the flags ( you can add more for them like Portughese, malta, venice and so on ). Maybe you  can add the possibility that corsairs could join pb battles of other nation after a hire contract... we are full of alts so i dont see the problem in having  one in the corsair nation. Example GB clan XXXXX hire Corsair clan YYYYY for a port battle France ZZZZZ hire Corsair clan JJJJJ  

    Could be a good mechanics. But: 

    1) Why limiting this to pirate (Corsair) nation? Why couldn't GB hire some DK players for example? Or even French captains?

    2) Same faction (even from different clans) in both sides of a battle would be soon exploited by usual cheaters. This is to be avoided.

  9. On 8/8/2020 at 9:44 AM, admin said:

    Other changes and fixes

    Visual overhauls for ports

    • France

    The patch will be deployed for testing to testbed next week


    Preview of new French beatches. France is going to be the next Zerg.

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  10. On 7/27/2020 at 11:54 AM, Citoyen said:

    N’est ce pas une reprise depuis ce site?


    Felix Victor est d'accord pour qu'on reprenne les données de son site (ce qui est largement fait, avec son autorisation formelle, dans le User Guide). Il est de mon clan au Danemark.

    Il est toutefois normal de citer ses sources, surtout celles qui sont susceptibles d'être mises à jour.

    @Citoyen, merci!

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  11. 42 minutes ago, Lieste said:

    Why reinvent the formulae. This is from Poncelet, translated to English units.
    (12*1.1513*W)/(32.2*kA*D*D) * LOG(1 + (V/kB)*(V/kB))

    Where the later Didion parameters, as copied by Bashforth are 0.004328 for kA and 734 for kB.

    I tried to understand and to search what about Poncelet and Didion, but I did not get it... Sorry.

    What exactly is equal to (12*1.1513*W)/(32.2*kA*D*D) * LOG(1 + (V/kB)*(V/kB)) ?

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