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  1. I've also pre-ordered this game, and have played Pirates of the Burning Sea until 4 years ago, when it started going south. Funny there's so many people in the same 'boat' LOL. (Hurray for Puns) I've been looking forward to this game for some time. Can't wait!
  2. Baggy, On that note, we both may agree upon the notion of properly dressed lasses. But I dare say, I do hope that the crew does NOT include ladies, and holds true to historical truth on this matter. I do understand the wishes of the public to include the female avatar on the basis of fun. Like yourself, I am not prepared to see them dressed in anything less than honorable. That is my notion. I thank you for your input to this matter.
  3. William the Drake, how many people would it truly insult? I played PotBS for many years before it became Free to Play, and I can count on one hand how many literal females that the game attracted. I'm not going to say that this is going to be the case here, but most likely will be. If a historically accurate standpoint is shown to be prevalent with the design of this game, chances are, it will attract male and female players alike who really want this aspect of a sailing game for once. I've never seen ONE person ever complain in wargaming.net (World of Tanks; World of Warplanes) about the
  4. Actually Brigand, this idea is not at all a walk-through of the cabin, but more-like a 3d view from the back windows of the cabin, peering into the Captains Cabin, with just the ability to turn 360. That's it.. It's also just an interface, so no walking around in it, and no exploration of the ship. Just a visual reward for playing and ranking up really.
  5. I was noticing that someone from World of Tanks was helping with the development of this game. I was also noticing that there was a first step towards naval combat, and then the MMO later. If there is a screen where you can select a ship from your 'naval yard' upon which to sail, and if the battle portion of this game is set to something similar to World of Tanks, then a few of these suggestions would benefit the game. IF SELECTING A SHIP FROM YOUR FLEET, THE FOLLOWING SUGGESTIONS APPLY: A basic and rustic Captains cabin appears, before you set out for battle; changing with each ship
  6. Yes, and great points about the ladies dressing to look like a man. That is a common theme among the ladies I researched as pirates as well. However, we're not talking about pirates here in this game, but National Navies. In the navy, there still were not any ladies aboard (unless fishing or trading vessels? - unknown to me as to where this information came from). As far as I've seen in the game development, there has not been mention of a Pirate nation, or am I wrong? In response to the 'show a leg' quote, all-be-it true, it was most definitely when Victory was docked in harbor fo
  7. I would really like to see realism with Captains and crew, in that ladies are not captains or crew in that time period. Other games (PotBS) do include ladies on board, and it bugs me to no end! It was a strategy not based on history, but to allow a female to play a female character. There were a FEW females that played, but I have to say, I saw about 90% MORE MEN playing females in order to look at their graphical curves, and hiked up skirts... nothing to DO with historical accuracy at all. Here's why I have a problem with female characters and crew in a game like this: - Firstly,
  8. Hey All! First post here. I just have to say, I've been playing ship games for a LONG time, and I simply CAN'T WAIT for a game like this to come to the market!!!! With regard to the topic on hand, my only hope with ship management/crew management is that there are not any female crew on board. I've seen games do this to appeal to girls, and teenage guys, but it's just not historically accurate in any way, shape or form. I'd love to see a game get this right for a change! "NO, there were not hooker-looking ladies aboard the ships back then, sorry guys/gals!" If this is something th
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