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  1. Thanks Madham, but I am still bored to death with trying that third mission and I cannot be bothered to keep at it. They should all be released so I can pick and choose.
  2. I completely agree. I first pressed the difficulty button to see what the choices were. I am now stuck in permanent 'Hard' and cannot change it no matter what I do. This has made mission just awful and I am sick of trying it out.
  3. Dear Devs, I have been playing Naval Action for a week now and have been struck by one deficiency which could be simply corrected. During in-game there have been numerous occasions that other players have replied to my chat messages and comments. However, if they are fighting during my comment and wish to respond to my comment later, it could be 30mins or more after then that they finally reply. Needless to say, the chat log will have moved on quite some distance by then and I have usually missed them. Likewise, I am not always aware if I receive a PM from someone. I thoug
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