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  1. I'm extremely tired of this game intruding what I do over and over again. The game is like "What, you've got everything well and the enemy loses 15 men for each of your own trying to break through your line? Well, let me just take all your units, pretend like we had a reason to retreat and start the next phase of the battle. Or, you know what? Let's make even better, how about I'll force you to retreat without a single reason by moving the control points somewhere elsewhere, so you could lose more soldiers on the run and so they get exhausted?". Or another of my favorites "FASTER, you're runni
  2. Yeah, I know, it sounds like a pretty stupid question, but what will happen If I choose the real general-in-chief's name? I mean, when I was playing for the Union, I've recieved Grant as a reward, and that made me question if I would have two Grants in my army If called myself Ulysses Grant?
  3. Yeah, I was kinda shocked with the results. Shocked in a good way, but still it wasn't really satisfying due to how easy it was. Jackson's attack was a suicide. He was too scared to launch a melee charge, apparently because of my cavalry standing nearby, so he decided to put his forces in front of my infantry which had 100% cover by the forest... And he had a stack of three star melee cavalry brigades that could've wiped out my forces, but after a single failed charge that ended up in 350 captured cavalrymen, he gave up on them, so his cavalry stood on the edge of the map for the entire battle
  4. There are enemy units from the very first second of the battle.
  5. Can somebody give any advices on beating CSA at the Nansemond river? I'm stuck trying to take over the fort. The enemy is covered by fortifications AND the forest, plus they have devastating guns that, as you know, can magically shoot through the friendly units without hurting them (do game-labs even planning to fix it?), so all of my charges only end up as pointless mass slaughters of my soldiers.
  6. Cavalry won that battle for me. I had 2 melee cavalry brigades of 750 men and cleared out the Northern flank using them. Then I've launched the attack from there and wiped out the rest of their forces. Just try to avoid your cavalrymen becoming a primal target, drag their attention and provoke fire with infantry and then launch a cavalry charge while they're reloading. Also it was essential to send at least 3 infantry brigades to face the Jackson's reinforcements while they cross the river. It was a tough battle though, I had more casualties than I usually do (in the end it was somet
  7. Yeah, this is extremely frustrating. I'm playing for the Union, and the enemy suffers a disaster after a disaster. In total (just crushed them at Frederiksburg) they lost 3 times more soldiers than I did and I don't even mention guns. They haven't won me a single time, and yet, they have the insane amount of elite troops while I have to deal with rookies because veterans are too damn expensive. The battle outcome does a very little influence on the situation. Upd: I'm done with this stupid game. I've won at Stones River, but I had to face the army of 3 star units only. I mean literally ea
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