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  1. Make the game f2p, increase playerbase... it's simple, give a tittle or some visual thing for the ppl who paid for it, and thats it.
  2. How about increasing the playerbase by making the game f2p? You already got all the money that u were going to get selling keys Cba to have 500 or 600 players in such game...
  3. Looks like devs tried to do something similar to this: open world patrol missions
  4. Simply add more content so the game is entertaining...dont limit it to pve grind
  5. I got bored waiting the patch now im playing something else, i keep an eye in the forum to see if the game is worthy enough to come back. I only see complaints. Seems like its a job now, and there's no action, i went to nation Teamspeak to ask what's going on, they said there's no port battles coz attack is really hard and u'll only feed the enemy by doing it. So , instead of adding more action to it with endgame content like PBs, that content gets shutted down
  6. just saying that much delay is risky... most of the ppl just looks for other games meanwhile and it can happen that they get hooked to one of those and dont need to play naval action when patch's finally deployed
  7. Is the new Santisima/Victory gonna require lvl 45 cxp or 49 ? Gray ones require 45 while exceptional ones require 49, since exceptionals will be gone, how will this be?
  8. El consejo supremo de la Corona de España, atendiendo a los méritos y circunstancias que concurren en el Capitán Lobogris alias "El azote Español", está estudiando seriamente el promoverlo al empleo de Almirante Supremo de todas las Flotas habidas y por haber del Imperio Español por su heroica y brillante labor en pos de la defensa de la Corona de España.
  9. Hello everyone, It feels like only having PBs as endgame content is not enough for what this game could bring. I guess everyone agrees that the funniest thing to do is to playing with other ppl, not solo missions and solo trading. Said that, i think it would give a lot of action and dynamism to the game having National co-op NPC convoy protection missions. Just as an example: Your nation gets a co-op mission where a NPC trader fleet is gonna go from one port to another, the NPC trader fleet will leave the port when there's enough BR to protect it(or ppl signed for it and at the port rdy to sail), and enemy factions will get a message like, enemy convoy spotted leaving X port, the enemies will have to try finding it and destroy it, coz saying the destination would be too much info in my opinion. If the convoy reaches the destination, all involved players that defended it, will get a huge materials reward, and the same for the enemies if they manage to destroy the protection fleet. What u think about this guys ? Would give a lot of action and emotion to the game. Share your thoughts please!
  10. Those who worry now about a possible full wipe (except xp and craft lvl), what will u do when final release comes ? Coz everything will be wiped then for what i understand. We need to fully test the new mechanics, and i'd vote for a that wipe. However, will admins send an e-mail to all player's account informating about the new big changes and maybe give some materials to every1 so ppl that quitted want to come in again and test the game after the patch ? I think this would b a gr8 idea.
  11. Why not just change PB start time to 22:30-23:00 EU time if any battle is set after that time and also limit it for the US lunch time the same way? Since it would be like 3 h frame for PBs , we'd need more pvp events with cool rewards.
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