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  1. Perhaps this could be corrected with something similar to a battle rating for combat. I.e. if you are in a cutter, and have a battle rating of 30, you can only attack ships in groups of BR 60 or less. Basically you could tag 2 ships for every 1. That is still a 2 to 1 advantage. On the other hand, the nation that is receiving the griefing could include low level players by having them counter-grief. That could even be included as a form of low level PvP or a PvP intro where you receive a low level fast ship, at say Junior Lieutenant, and participate outside the port battle by having a bunch of
  2. I wrote this entire post to try to bring some of the ideas over from another similar game that faced similar issues. Granted PotBS had many flaws, mainly issues between the 5 separate classes, 3 for Nations, 2 for Pirates, that made the game constantly change and turn into a nerf war. I want to see a game that has a good player base and can attract a lot of new players (the game is new and still in alpha). I know a lot of the opinion just seems to be either take it or leave it, but I think some subtle changes can greatly help the game. I love PvP, I want to see PvP as the real "end game" becau
  3. PotBS was a really fun game, but my character is gone and I can't see myself going back (lost my wenden 3rd rate). But I can see the potential that Naval Action has for core players. No one wants to grind PvE for hours and hours. Good PvP needs to be the core of the end game. Having no classes and equal access to ship upgrades and ships will make the game focus on practice and tactics. I dont want to see NA follow PotBS by allowing classes with huge perks, items that grant OP status, and gank squads slaughtering low level players. The game must focus on high level players in
  4. I am new to Naval Action, but I have already noticed the prevalence of gank squads. I played Pirates of the Burning Sea and ganking basically killed that game. Ganking kills low level players and encourages them to quit. The emphasis must be on implementing good battle tactics and strategy, not sheer numbers. Members from small nations will quit the game. There must be some way or some system to mitigate gank squads. Perhaps penalize ganking, make the rewards low. Or limit ganks to a force multiplier of say 150% of the person being ganked (3v1). Or ganking couple be limited to 1
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