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  1. As someone who has completed legendary for both sides, let me give you some pointers on your points. On maps where you have to take objectives, rushing for them is more or less the only way to get it done. Find weak spots and go for them. On CSA side Shiloh phase 1 i went with a rush for the left side, then along the "ridge" behind the farmhouse. Pretty much pushing them towards the middle of what become the big map. For phase 2, the opposite, rush down to the right, cross down by the swamps and hold the forrested area at the top of the map, beware tho, reinforcements can spawn ontop
  2. I still think those numbers are insane! Your casualties alone are more than my entire army at that point in my CSA campaign. This is what i ended up with:
  3. I don't know about the rest of you generals out there. But i for one find a big part of my gaming experience comes from engaging with the community. Asking and answering questions, sharing tips and tricks, discussing different approaches and such and such. For this game tho, i feel it kind of lacking. Sure, there is this forum, and the Steam discussion group. But what i really want is a faster way to communicate, in a group. So, for the last week or so i have been hanging out in the steam-group chat, and what i've noticed is that people come and go pretty quickly. I belive mostly becous
  4. There is a thing called "The Paradox of Choice" which is just what you are talking about. And i know that exact feeling. My threshold for enjoyment is between 15 and 20 units. Anything more than that and after i while i just say hello kitty It! And just charge my units in willynilly. Not becouse i feel like i lost a grasp of the tactical position, more becouse with that number of choices prioritizing becomes a problem and without prioritizing all units lose their value. This is the reason i enjoy the small engagements alot more than the grand battles. Sure it looks cool with thousands u
  5. But they really are! Reputation points and career points is essential for a successful campaign!
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